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There was a full showing for the first Tram this morning, and the stoke was high for the day. The pack was very frozen, with no machine work off the Road to Provo and only minimal machine work was performed on Regulator as the pack is getting quite thin, but still with good coverage. There is a slight walk off the peak as the melt off is advancing. I got the first line down Regulator, which had plenty of traction to keep the speed under control. With no grooming out off the Road to Provo, the pack was quite difficult, with sun cups which demanded full attention. Here is a shot of two folks who were experiencing their first Peak Experience at The Bird. Both of them were blown away and the kid from Stow said he was down for next season.

High Stoke factor for these two who were seeing The Bird for the first time. We can all remember our first time. Priceless!1

Tomorrow, look for there to be firm conditions for the opening bell, marginal machine worked lines, but well covered lines to the bottom of the chair. There is a big push for the goods, so expect tightly packed traffic patterns before softening occurs when the crowd will be more dispersed. Here is a shot of a young bull Moose, who was enjoying breakfast in the fish pond. Mom was watching from the deep trees. Got to give this guy a lot of room.

A young bull Moose up close and personal. This is a telephoto shot, so he had plenty of room

Have a great time on the hill, and I’ll see you on the 4th of July for the last day. Speed Safely!!



Summer sliding continued today, with cool temps. on the peak and nicely prepared machine worked lines on both sides of the hill. I dressed up for the cold temps, but the Sun was warming things up quickly and the freshly tilled lines were softening up fast. There was a slow arrival of The Faithful, so the early hours where wide open, with the Road to Provo going begging for the first hour. I was able to put down hot laps there for quite a while before anyone showed up. Here is a shot of Olivia Kennedy, who was stoked to be on the Peak, and celebrating 100 days of skiing for the season.

Olivia Kennedy enjoying the sunshine a hitting the 100 day mark for the season.

With the cool temps. the pack maintained consistency for a long time and was still fully fun and fast at 11AM when I took the Tram down for the day. While I was waiting for the Tram down I ran into Burke Weir and The Ski Cop who were adding to the festive feel of the morning.

Nothing like a shot of Margarita to get the party started. These guys always bring the party.

It looks like we will be seeing some warm temps this week, so the pack will be taking a hit, but it looks like there is still enough to work with for next weekend. We’ll have to see. Have a great week and keep the stoke alive. Stay Frosty!!



It was Winter cold this morning, and my thin Spring gloves just weren’t cutting it for the morning session. The Grooming Crew did a great job finding snow to fill in the thin spots on the cat tracks and the open lines had been given tenderizing passes, so there was some nice granular softness to ply. Off trail was frozen solid and was insanely difficult, which I found out when I went to get a shot of the Sun cups off trail. DOH!!

This distressed snow pack had Sun cups that were full 8 or 9″ deep. Very difficult to traverse, let alone ski.

There was a fair turn out for the opening bell and it is fun to share the stoke with the early morning risers anticipating the day. Here is Alene and Beverly suiting up for the morning session.

A quiet morning in the locker room and getting ready for the day.

The Road to Provo had machine worked lines that had been given the tenderizing treatment and were feeling very consistent top to bottom. Here is a shot of Mark Malu from the Peak in the morning Sun.

Still plenty of cover out in the big bowls. The Grooming Crew did a great job making the lines smooth and sassy.

Lots of folks began to arrive after the first hour, but there was still plenty of room to keep the pace moving. It was so much fun to see the stoke as folks arrived on the peak. Here is a shot of Team Kruck, who were ready to get the party started.

Team Kruck stoked and ready for the morning festivities. Jeff was just a tad under dressed for the Winter Cold temps. It did warm up a bit.

I took some time and warmed up my fingers, which were very cold and stiff after the first hour and I took a few minutes to warm up in The Summit. Here is a shot from my spot at the very center of THE VORTEX looking out the at The Twins. This is the POWER SPOT, try it and see.

This particular spot in The Summit makes my hair stand on end from the Teluric Energy that is pumping up into Space.

Some fast moving flurries moved in around Noon, making the visibility a bit flat. Tomorrow, look for another cool morning, with good Grooming efforts on both sides of the hill. Going to the bottom is a VERY long walk now and taking the Tram down is highly recommended. See you there for the early smooth lines. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The pack is melting, with the warm temps of the early part of the week, but cooler temps have moved in and slowed things down a bit. My friend Mike was up hiking up high and sent this shot of Fernspiegel, which is a very rare and wonderful skiing experience. The released crystals slide down with you as you descend and it sounds like breaking glass.

A view of perfect Fernspiegel glistening in the morning Sun. Perfect, smooth, and as good as it gets!

It will be a cold night tonight, and there are some clouds coming in from the North. I think we should expect very firm conditions for the first couple of hours. Getting to the bottom will be much more of an issue this weekend. Expect a fair bit of walking. I will be hitting the peak and going back down on the Tram. Still looks like there is plenty of snow up high and I’ll bet it is getting a bit more mature, we’ll see. Here is a shot of the crew last weekend when we were rocking the corn goodness.

The Vibe’s so high for the goods during these late season days.

Dress for a cold morning, and perhaps some moisture, maybe. See you there for the morning explorations. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!



It was a beautiful day with a cool morning, but the soft conditions were still in play. . Brew Fest was happening today, so there was a lot of traffic in the Canyon. I took the day off to avoid the push. The Creek is running even higher than the other day. Here is a shot of the pack making the transition from Essence into it’s water form as it begins it’s journey back to the Sea so it may return.

Morning signs of the Seasons pack making it’s way back into the Big Cycle.

Here is another shot from the Season that represents echos of the fractal similitude that the element carries with it.

Some where, on a beach, a wave is breaking hard on the reef. This is an echo of the cycle replayed in the frozen realm.

Tomorrow, look for another great day of Summer snow sport sliding. I think we can safely assume it will be another soft sorbet morning with Sun and fun. The lower mountain exit will be getting increasingly difficult, so staying up high will get you the maximum quality vertical. See you there for the early morning turns. Speed Safely!!



There was no freeze at all last night and there had been extensive grooming on the open areas of the hill. Mineral Basin was offering butter cream groomed lines that were sumptuous and dialable. There was quite a bit of drag on the skis, but it enabled you to dig in deep and extract maximum juice from each turn. Jones Malone was on a mission and was leaving perfect trenches top to bottom. Off trail was also much more approachable with the soft conditions, and I worked White Diamonds, which was smooth and tasty. Here is a shot of Carol, who enjoyed that line as well and we traded notes on the great quality.

Carol grinning ear to ear after an amazing run on butter cream goodness.

The Road to Provo was holding the cold the best, but was breaking early and was velvety and delightful. The Peruvian side of the hill is now back country access and has minimal grooming and requires a circuitous line to get to the bottom of the hill. The Gad side of the hill is still well covered top to bottom, with the exception of a stretch of the Bass Highway that requires a fair walk around the Wibre Ridge section. I stayed up high for the most part, and it was offering the best quality. While it is fun going to the bottom of the hill, it does have it’s drawbacks. Just sayin’. Tomorrow, look for, perhaps, a better freeze as the sky is clear, but I expect still soft conditions, so you can stay ahead of the Sun. Mineral Basin was great first thing and was slow to get busy. It will be a great day, so get the goods, because it is going fast. Straight Ahead!!



It was a fairly warm week, with cool nights, but the creek was running big. Here is a shot of the LCC pumping hard.

LCC Creek running hard and cold. Haven’t seen it like this in a long time.

With the warm week, the pack has been hit, but I think there is plenty to go on, and we’ll have to see if we can get to the bottom without walking, and I’m betting we will. There were some thunder storms this evening and the clouds are going to keep the temps from falling too much. I expect barely a freeze tonight if at all. I will be looking for grooming lines for the best consistency. I will also be looking for corn lines that may be happening, but, again, we’ll see. Here is a shot of The Chef, who was working his garden and tending the chickens. His garden is awesome and he has the knack.

THE CHEF tending the garden and living large in full effect.

Here is a shot of one of his cabbages from last year.

This is such an amazing plant and THE CHEF has touch.

See you there dark and early for the morning corduroy. IBBY!!



There was a very hard freeze overnight, making the pack consistently firm wall to wall. There was crystal corn lines that let you shave the granular nap off the corduroy, which had plenty of tooth to maintain a grip on the line. Mineral Basin was softening first, and was wide open for the opening laps before The Faithful showed up for the festivities. Top to bottom access is still happening, with some interesting variations on the lower part of Peruvian Gulch. Here is a shot of two good friends of mine who were fully in the spirit of the day in these fashion forward styles. This is coming back, you’ll see.

If you wait long enough, everything comes back in style.

The pack started breaking in order and there was great turns to be had well after Noon and longer if you stayed up high. Here is a shot of Burke amping up the stoke factor on the peak.

This Bliss Brother knows how to extract the maximum juice out of each day.

The Twins opened for back country touring today, and a very few folks went for the approach, which was extremely sketchy. Here is a shot of my good friend Kevin out at the Waterfall in White Pine. It was his first visit and it is such a magical place.

Ol’ Boy standing by the waterfall line that is remote and very hidden. Known only by a few and skied by fewer still.

Looks like another week of High Pressure, so the melt off will still be accelerating. We’ll have to see how the pack holds up for next weekend. Be safe. See the Line, BE the Line!!



That cold front moved through last night and brought cold air with it, freezing the pack hard and crispy. There was a fair bit of tooth to the corduroy, and keeping the line was easy. Off trail was very difficult until much later in the day when some softening did occur. Here is a shot of the Valley as the clouds moved off just in time for the First Tram. It was great to have some visibility.

Cold air clouds were still hanging on the peaks this morning as First Tram hit the Peak.

Regulator got good around 9 AM, when the granular quality made it feel like silky. Softening on the bottom of the mountain gave the pack a much sweeter feel and there were some very sweet turns to be had. Tomorrow, look for another freeze. I anticipate crispy lines on all sides of the the hill, with the groomers offering the most consistent feel. Off trail will be really rough in the AM, just sayin’. Softening will occur, but there will be tenderizing efforts as there were today. Those lines were soft and had a great granular feel, so look for them. IBBY!!



After a week of very warm temps. the mountain has experienced the first real melt down that was noticeable as you drove up the Canyon. While there is still plenty of snow to the bottom, all the high points and heavily shrubbed areas have melted off and the dirt in the snow is building up on the surface. Here is a shot from the peak looking West down Canyon. The melt off is evident even in the higher elevations.

The melt off is quite evident after a fully fat snow pack as the Big Return is in full effect.

The Tram was open for this weekend, and getting fast access to the peak was a plus. Grooming efforts are still available on all sides of the hill, but the extent has been cut back quite a bit. With very warm morning temps., the pack was soft all over the hill to start the day. The first hour had a wonderful sorbet quality and smooth lines that made lapping the Tram fun. Mineral Basin was good for the early lines, but got too soft quite quickly and the front of the hill was the place to keep ahead of the sticky factor. Tomorrow, look for another nice day, with slightly cooler temps. as a cold front is moving in as I write this. Perhaps we might get a freeze or, at least, a firming of the pack and it may last longer. See you there for the early morning lines. Stay Frosty!!