6-15-19 by dave

It was a beautiful day with a cool morning, but the soft conditions were still in play. . Brew Fest was happening today, so there was a lot of traffic in the Canyon. I took the day off to avoid the push. The Creek is running even higher than the other day. Here is a shot of the pack making the transition from Essence into it’s water form as it begins it’s journey back to the Sea so it may return.

Morning signs of the Seasons pack making it’s way back into the Big Cycle.

Here is another shot from the Season that represents echos of the fractal similitude that the element carries with it.

Some where, on a beach, a wave is breaking hard on the reef. This is an echo of the cycle replayed in the frozen realm.

Tomorrow, look for another great day of Summer snow sport sliding. I think we can safely assume it will be another soft sorbet morning with Sun and fun. The lower mountain exit will be getting increasingly difficult, so staying up high will get you the maximum quality vertical. See you there for the early morning turns. Speed Safely!!

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