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Record breaking warmth for this time of the season is in effect, closing the Canyon and leaving the Bird a private club again. Wet slides are still a very high issue, so safety is paramount. I am sure there was an amazing window of sorbet goodness before it all got a tad sloppy. Looking back a couple of days, The Twins opened for the second time this season and there were takers for the big lines waiting.

Kyle Weston and Ski Patches Me standing with the target of their tour behind them. They skied that shot that is to the right of Pipeline.
A great shot of the guys staged up in the drop zone of Germicide, which is total no fall zone.

Tomorrow, check the road links for UDOT updates and The Bird site for further insight. There will, no doubt, be a very nice, short window of sorbet to be had, but, with this heat, it won’t last long.

MAX AIR Craig and I at his wedding reception last night standing next to his poster from years ago. Craig has still got it!!!

Hopefully we can get back up there soon, I just love that sorbet window. Please Stand BY!!!



Well, someone turned on the Full Spring switch and the heat is on. It was a very balmy morning with a fairly light freeze from the residual cold in the pack. Having the full Sun shining really made the Spring feel hit up close and personal.

Ultra blue sky, the effects of the Sun on the pack and a big bowl makes for an amazing shot. Big country!!

Tomorrow, look for more of the same, with an even earlier break in the pack. Mineral Basin will be going off very quickly, with the rest of the hill not far behind. As Noon dials up, be super aware of the Sticky Spots that will crop up on the flats and cause some rapid deceleration. Expect those unexpected sections and drive accordingly. I had a great time driving with the top down and sunglasses wrappin’, however, I got pretty toasted by the Sun rays….DOH!!! Speed Safely!!



It was a beautiful morning with a super blue sky that seemed unreal as I rode the first Mineral Basin chair. White Diamonds was offering the first of the break on first Tram, with some very nice freshly tilled lines that let you dial in plenty of traction. On the front side of the hill, it was going to take until 11:30 AM for the break to start, and with that break a very short window of sweet sorbet was happening as the Sun did it’s work.

Jake sent this shot of the cornice on The Twins being controlled.

Today was a day of chasing the break around the dial to stay in the softening pocket. They did a special smoothing treatment of Lower Silver Fox that was insane when it hit the sweet spot. Lower Primrose Path was also offering amazing lines when the pack broke.

Jake also sent this great shot of the new and HUGE features of the biggest jump line as they get ready for the big event.

The shot above really illustrates how much snow is up there on the hill as they cut through 15′ of pack and still there plenty left to work. Wow. Tomorrow, look for another overnight freeze, but I think the break will happen a touch earlier as the overnight temps will be warmer by comparison. A casual start to the day is a good idea as I hit the Forklift after my first full lap around the hill to let warming occur. Remain Standing!!!!



There was a solid freeze overnight after the snow pack had been hit hard by the Sun yesterday, leaving the hill in extra primo firm condition for the morning’s offerings. The Tram was down for high winds on the peak, and getting off the Mineral Basin Chair was wild with the gusts hitting you hard on landing. The Baldy Chair was getting slammed as well, so I went for the front side of the hill, and made a hasty retreat to The Forklift Chair to let warming occur.

JP and family getting their last day on the hill for the season. It was great to see them again!!!
Important words for the wise during these Spring days. There are fast movers working the hill all day.

By 11:30AM the pack was beginning to break, and Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering sorbet quality with clear visibility and smooth lines. Mineral was great too, but needed softening to occur. There is plenty of cover and no areas of concern are happening as one would expect this time of year. I am expecting a similar set up for the morning session. Stay Frosty!!



This morning offered smooth cruisin’ on all sides of the hill, with the only issue being which bit of perfect you wanted to choose. Groomers were epic on all sides of the hill, with a dry chalky carpet of velvet top to bottom to start the day. The Peruvian Gulch was offering top to bottom ground pounding vertical, which was a total rush, with untracked corduroy to carve any turn you wanted. In Mineral Basin, the far areas were opened, which offered smooth dry powder lines that were just mid Winter perfect.

Dave Cook getting the goods out on The Bookends.
Kyle Weston driving the line in mid Winter blower conditions.

The Sun was high, with the cold morning temps keeping the product refrigerated, but it was not long before the rays were working the direct lines, making them become pasty and sticky on the lower elevations on the hill. By 1:30 PM the pack was soft and affected on all aspects. The Road to Provo opened as well, offering smooth lines out there.

The Road to Provo before it opened, with some light lacy clouds making the bowls all misty.

Tomorrow, look for more great morning grooming to be the first order of business. The off trail will be variable depending on aspect, with real crusty conditions on any direct aspect that freezes. Traffic should be quite light again, so maximum vertical is easy to rack up. See you there for more Sun and fun. Remain Standing!!!



This impulse delivered 7 or 8″ of fresh Essence on top of a relatively smooth pack, treating The Faithful to a real treat. Areas that have been closed for some time were open for the occasion and there were great turns to be had with light traffic. Back to back Trams were on tap and max vertical was available on all sides of the hill.

A great shot of Regulator looking smooth and ready for prime time. Thanks Mike for the shot.
Mike McCarthy getting a deep section of fresh Essence and making it look effortless.
Tomi McCarthy dialing in a fresh line on this day that pushed Alta’s YTD total over 900″

Precipitation moved in and out all day long, which preserved the quality for quite a while. Tomorrow, look for more soft snow to be found, as there are still areas waiting in the wings. The substrate is quite firm, but is very smooth with the lack of traffic during the past while. The Groomers will be offering great lines, as the fresh material will get worked into the mat and will be really good for the opening laps. I expect fairly light traffic tomorrow, so enjoy these days of Spring Powder. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



There was cloudy skies this morning as the day began. Temps were quite a bit warmer this morning, but still in the 20’s in the upper elevations. There was not a hard freeze, leaving Mineral Basin offering the best feel for the morning session. Visibility was variable with some peaks of Sun for short periods.

Wynonna sent these shots today. I am glad she got the goods in Mineral.
The new Blue Tram parked on the peak with today’s frost sticking to the steel.

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation as the impulses are still moving through. Temps, should be moderate and warming in the coming days, and I will be looking for some Spring conditions. We’ll have to see how the morning shakes out, but I will be looking for Mineral Basin to be providing good lines for the opening bell. The Groomers on all sides of the hill will be offering the smoothest feel. Lay it over like Ligety!!!



The Sun was shining brightly this morning after a forecast for overcast for the early hours of the day. Beautifully smoothed lines had been prepared on all sides of the hill, which offered velvet smooth turns as the fresh snow got tilled into the mat. Temps were still quite cold for the morning session, but the high Sun angle was going to be working the aspects quickly. Getting to the High North aspects early would insure the soft dry feel.

Kevin Canton sent this shot of his line out at The Alter. North facing aspects were prime and good to go.

Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were as good as it gets, with dry chalky velvet that let you dial in your inner Ligety. Later, after Noon, the lower aspects got sticky and sloggy. I bagged it to save my knees. Keep in mind those wet sections will freeze overnight and will be fairly tricky in the AM. Forecast is for increasing showers and flurries. We’ll see how it shakes out, but I think the prepared lines will still be offering some nice corduroy in the AM. Keep it tight!!!



It is still cold with the unsettled flow still flowing through, bringing flurries and overcast with clouds down on the peaks making the visibility interesting. The Groomers are still offering the smoothest lines on the hill, though the incremental build up of the flurries is making a difference. The cold and clouds is preventing the hill from doing the melt off and freeze thaw cycles that set things up for corn, but that will be coming up.

A long shot of the upper mt. showing how fat everything is wall to wall. All the upper Chutes are totally filled in and smooth. Rare sight indeed.

Tomorrow, look for continued unsettled weather with flurries and some accumulation, but not much. Visibility will be an issue and cold temps can be counted on. There is great music on the Plaza apres ski, so stick around for the festivities. I don’t expect that traffic will be too heavy. Speed safely!!!!



Low clouds hung on the peaks this morning as a incoming storm was building to move in later in the day. Temps. were cold and well below freezing, making for very firm conditions on the hill. The Tram was on hold and I don’t think it ever got running with the wind. Mineral Basin was open to offer a larger area to hit, but the visibility made things difficult back there.

Wynonna sent this shot of the ball room dancing on the Tram the other day. Nice having this much room.

Tomorrow, look for some accumulation to have been delivered as it is raining briskly here at The Trailer, signaling snow up on the hill. Temps are still quite cold with the Northerly flow, which will keep the quality good. I expect some clearing for tomorrow, so look for the Groomers to be offering the best ride and the off trail a bit marginal with the frozen worked textures below the fresh snow. There will be music and festivities on the Plaza, and good vibes all around. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!