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The stoke was high as the early risers lined up for the Tram and Gad Zoom to get this party started. With the inversion socking in the Valley, there were much clearer skies and just some high clouds for the morning session. The snow guns were blazing top to bottom, delivering dry chalky gun powder to add some traction to a very firm base that has been built up with the Snow Crew concentrating efforts to make the coverage very good top to bottom. I did not see any rocks at all, though one needed to stay on the prepared lines, as off the prepared lines was very thin indeed. Traffic was brisk, but the up hill capacity made the turn around time quick and easy.

The inversion layer looking much like what, perhaps, Lake Bonneville looked like back in the day before it drained.

Tomorrow, look for more cover to have been added to the pack with the ongoing snow making efforts, a refreshed grooming job, and dry chalky lines to be on hand for the early risers. I expect similar traffic for tomorrow’s attendance, so be sure to use care and watch for fast movers.

FiFi was sporting this fashion forward chromium suit today and was throwing down some very serious arcs on those early runs. Poetry in motion!!

There were very thick clouds in the inversion layer in the lower canyon, so expect possible black ice in the AM as temps will be cold again. See you there for the early season training session. Stay Frosty!!!



It is go time tomorrow as The Bird opens for the ’23 ’24 Season. That Summer flew by so fast I am just amazed. Temps have been cold, here in the valley as the inversion has set in, and warmer temps up high but not warm enough to affect the pack. I drove up yesterday to check it out and top off the locker for opening day.

The Dynamic Lori Gibbs sent me this shot of the Tram heading up. You can tell that the cover is still quite thin .
Another great shot from Lori showing signs in the sky indicating good things to come.

Looking at Gad Valley, there seemed to be good cover on the main prepared lines. Gad Zoom and The Tram are going to be opening, so I am looking forward to a fun opening. I’ll be getting an early start and am looking forward to seeing all my friends an fellow slider for the opening day. Be careful of black ice in the lower canyon with this inversion happening. IBBY!!!



The Summer and Fall season passed like a runaway freight train, and it is just a few days till the next Season begins. After a smattering of a few storms during the past weeks, this last installment brought a bit more depth to add to the pack and more is on the way up stream. The hill is looking good, and snow making efforts are ongoing with every window of cold temps. The snow guns have produced some significant accumulations which will be pushed around and spread out for the opening.

Waves of the Summer form waves in the Winter as the season rapidly approaches.

The morning crew will be dedicating this season to The Chairman of The Board, who passed this fall after a lifetime of skiing the Bird. He was a mainstay at the breakfast table, and an early riser who made suiting up and talking about the coming day a joy. He will be greatly missed.

Walter holding his signature coffee cup and holding court after a rollicking morning session on the hill.

I am sure Walter will be doing some great recon work for the rest of us in the Cosmic Powder fields in the great Beyond. I’ll be posting more often now up to the opening and then daily as we get the party started. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!