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June 26th, 2013 by dave
Snowbird Secrets: A Guide to Big Mountain Skiing by Jackson Hogen and Guru Dave Powers

Snowbird Secrets: A Guide to Big Mountain Skiing by Jackson Hogen and Guru Dave Powers

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August 15th, 2014 by dave

August is flying by like the Little Cottonwood Creek in the spring, and it will just be a blink of the eye and we will be back on the hill.  I came down  from the High Desert to touch base with how things are shaping up on the hill.  The Mountain Biking trail is getting high marks and the folks are really loving it.  The Cool Air Concerts have ended for the season as Oktoberfest will begin tomorrow for the fall season.   There is so much going on with all the activities that the addition of the Fest is going to be extra special fun.  Here is a shot of the Twins free of the old snow and ready for the fresh coat that is not long in coming.DSC02216  Check out all the colors in the sedimentary layers.  It is like it was painted by the BIG BRUSH.   Here is a shot of two ladies who were experiencing their first Tram ride to the peak.  They were really amazed by the extreme terrain we have here. DSC02219 It is hard to imaging that all this gets covered up under so many feet of the Goodness.  It will be here soon indeed.  I also stopped by to see THE CHEF and how is garden is coming along.  He is harvesting arm fulls of veggies every day.  Here is a shot of a cucumber blossom that was glowing in the sun up on the trellis.DSC02214  The bees were having a field day pollinating all these blossoms.  He has bee hives in the back yard and he had to add extra hive segments to keep up with the industrious little guys.   I got to  taste some of the fresh honey that they made right there.  It is very cool to see how his yard is blooming.  The structure on the peak continues to shape up as the concrete foundations are being poured.  It will be really fun to see how it all turns out.  I am back off to the High Desert to deal with more pressing issues involving the Morphogenic Field.  Stay Frosty!!


August 4th, 2014 by dave

We have quickly arrived here in August, signaling the downhill slide back to the Winter Season.  The first exhibition Pro Football Game was televised yesterday, and that is a clear indication of a very quick return to the goods.  I made a visit to the Chef’s garden the other day to see how it is going, and here are a couple of shots of it in all it’s verdant abundance. -68Here is a shot of me standing in front of his huge pumpkin plants, backed by the Sunflowers that are just starting to blossom. -71 He is pulling arm fulls of produce out of this garden every day.  He made a huge salad with vegetables he picked just moments prior to eating it.  It does not get fresher than that.  The corn is still a ways out, but the tomatoes are just beginning to ripen.  I hope to get a few of those and make some fresh pasta dishes myself, when he has enough to give away.  The Fresh Air Concerts on Saturday night continue to be off the charts excellent, with some of the smokin’est music I have heard all Summer.  Octoberfest will be beginning soon, so that will be well worth the effort to get up to the hill for the festivities.  Well, I am back to the deep research these days, but it won’t be long until we are back at it.  Stay Frosty!!


July 28th, 2014 by dave

Along with all the Summer activities that are happening on the mountain, the new downhill mountain biking trail is shaping up nicely according to my inside sources.  Folks are doing multiple laps a day on the trail and loving it.  Here is a shot of my friend JX who sent me these shots of the trail.  -63The burms are building up and the rocky areas are beginning to work in better.  As the trail is 7.5 miles long, that gives you a lot of time and terrain to dig into the deep sections of the mountain.  -65This is the trail as it makes it’s way into the Little Cloud area.  The wild flowers are at their peak right now, so you will be getting a full eye full of color all the way down this section.  -62This is one of the sections that bridge some of the sensitive areas on the trail.  -67This is a shot of my friend Julia on one of the sections crossing Wilbre Bowl that has some interesting exposures along this section.  She knows the mountain like the back of her hand and is really loving the trail.  Work continues on the new facility on the peak with the footings having been poured and the foundation forms going up.  It was hard to determine what was what the last time I was up there, but this shot gives you an idea of how the footprint looks.  Plus, years from now, when it is finished, you can look back and see the ground level beginnings.  Some of those foundation shots from the early 70′s are fun to see now that the Center is all up and running.  DSC02202Here is a shot of this big excavator on the peak that is a very rare sight at 11,000′ above sea level.DSC02205  It is an interesting contrast with the Twins behind it looking  as massive as they are. Don’t forget to get up to the Saturday Night Fresh Air Concerts.  They have been really excellent with remarkable talent.   Here at the Trailer I am keeping track of the frequency changes in the Morphogenic Field as we pass through this particularly interesting part of the space. One rarely thinks of how fast the solar system is moving as it orbits the Galactic Core, but it does move mighty quickly.  This space ship Earth is ripping, but, for the most part, it is a smooth ride.  END TRANSMISSION


July 21st, 2014 by dave

It is mid Summer up on the hill and all the festivities and activities are in full swing.  Most notable of late is the opening of the new Mountain Bike down hill trail in the Gad Valley, which boasts a 7 mile long descent.  From my observations it is very challenging and is drawing a lot of excitement from the participants.  Some of the exposures look like extreme entertainment.  The Saturday night  Fresh Air Concerts have been really excellent with national acts taking the stage.  I have been making a concerted effort to get back to town to take advantage of these FREE concerts.  Here is a shot of a good friend who surprised me as I had not seen her since the season ended. -59 Everyone gets back when they can and you never know who will be there.  That is what makes the Summer concerts so much fun.   The nights have been quite warm, though being up on the hill is

a nice respite from the Valley heat.  The Hiking and Wild Flowers are perfect this time of year with the Wild Flowers peaking in a big way.  I had the opportunity to be Teleported to an undisclosed tropical location by the Arcturians to attend a conclave in the Morphogenic Fields.  The Flowers are going off there as well.  Here is a shot of the dense Bamboo that I found myself surrounded by as I came to my senses. DSC02201 I will never get used to those Teleport Trips, but it sure beats flying.  Be sure to take advantage of these great events as we all wait for the next Season to come back around.  Good progress is being done on the peak for the new structure being built there.  I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.  Remember, Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!


July 3rd, 2014 by dave

I am now back in the High Desert dealing with the Orion Problem that seems to be abating at this point, but this is no time to be caught napping.   I wanted to take a minute to wish the Mountain Goddess ALTERIA  a happy 50 th birthday.  Her adventure suit may have taken 50 laps around SOL, but she, herself, is AGELESS.  She brings joy to life and touches all who spend time in her presence.  Here are two shots of Her Highness that capture her glowing spirit.  Note how she just happens to be reading Snowbird Secrets.  What she finds in those pages will help her, and you, find the open Portal to the VORTEX-57-58 on this hill and any other you visit.   Happy Birthday ALTERIA, speed safely on your Cosmic Journey. Peace Out!!  END TRANSMISSION:


July 1st, 2014 by dave

After spending some serious time studying the Emerald Tablets that are housed deep in the Earth, which  is a days hike from the Trailer’s undisclosed location in the High Desert, and conferring with leaders of the Lyrian System, as well as the Andromedan Council, I needed to get back to the Hill to recenter.   While there is still snow on the slopes, the hiking trails are freeing up, along with the newly created Mountain Biking trails.  It won’t be long until the Wild Flowers are blooming all over the hill.  Here are some shots of the remaining snow pack that is still holding on.  DSC02193DSC02197The pack is still making it’s way back to the Big Cycle, but it will be hanging on a bit longer yet.  Up on the peak, excavation has begun on the new peak facility that will be built over these next two years.  I will be excited to see how it shapes up.  All of the activities at the Base are in full swing, with a lot of families taking advantage of the cool clean air.  Today was a technicolor day, with super blue skies that were unmarred by high altitude aerosol geo engineering, which is always a problem for all of us.  Here is a shot of the beginning of the excavation happening up on the Peak.   No matter the season, it is great to soak up the  energy that is oozing out of the hill at all times.  I will be returning to the High Desert again for further study and sojours to Deep Space, but that is where I live.  Don’t forget the Saturday night free concerts that are happening every week, where great bands are bringing some great sounds to the Canyon.  Ciao for NOW!!DSC02198


June 17th, 2014 by dave

I drove down from the High Desert to get some errands accomplished and get supplies for the next stretch of Cosmic Living.  I have been sweating it up recently, but coming back to the Valley I encountered Winter like storm conditions.  Up on the hill the Essence was making a late accumulation, which seemed to send the Powder Signals around the world.  Here is a shot from my friend Ginnymarie,10338436_10203178025467442_7207264814020920169_o who lives on the Canyon Road up at Alta.  This is the accumulation on her porch this afternoon.  It is still raining here in the Valley, so it is still happening up on the Hill.   The Summer activities have begun up at the resort, with the Tram operating, the Mountain Coaster, and all the other activities that are offered.  Don’t forget to visit the Forklift for the great hospitalityand great food.  I have a couple more days here before I head back up to the High Desert, so perhaps I can get some better shots of this late Essential event.  Stay Frosty!!


May 30th, 2014 by dave

I am off to the High Desert to set up the Trailer in it’s Summer location.  Already, the volume of pressure to download the TRANSMISSIONS  is prompting me to get the antenna array up and running in short order.  On the way out of town I stopped to say goodbye to the CHEF, who was working in his garden, which is coming up rapidly.  It probably has something to do with the 70 gallons of used coffee grounds he put in the soil.  Here is a shot of the CHEF himself, as he was dealing sternly with the weeds.  They don’t have much chance when he is on the case.  Here is also a shot of the Rhubarb that was being highlighted by the setting Sun.  These are some of the biggest leaves I have ever seen.  I will be sneaking back to town now and again to check out the hill, so check back for updates on the Summer festivities.  Peace Out!!DSC02168DSC02167


May 26th, 2014 by dave

The last day of the season was a celebration of life as evidenced by the ebullient energy of the faithful who showed up to send the snow pack back to the BIG CYCLE.  Here is a shot of the snow pack that is still on the hill as it is now in full retreat down the canyon.  Out in Mineral Basin, the Groomers were offering sweet sorbet for the light DSC02158 traffic that was on hand for the opening bell.  Folks began to arrive in droves as the morning warmed up and the hill became a bit more crowded.  There were great costumes on the hill and the energy was high for this festive day.  Here are two shots of my favorite costumes that I saw.  DSC02161DSC02164There were so many great examples I was blown away.  As the day came to a close, there was pond skimming up on Lower Anderson’s Hill, where it was wet and wild.  Down on the Plaza Hectic Hobo and Two and a Half White Guys were providing the groove for the partying folks.  Here is a shot of the scene on the deck as the band was rocking the crowd.   Also, as part of the last day Celebration, was a fund raiser for the Sherpas of Nepal who were killed in the Everest avalanche.  The Plaza was jammed with folks and it was a great send off for the season.  I want to thank all the folks who follow my site and wish you all a safe and fun Summer.  DSC02163  I will be getting the Trailer ready for the trip to it’s Summer spot at the undisclosed location in the high desert where I will continue my investigations into the arcane and Hyperdimensional  realms.  I will be posting about the Summer happenings and developments on the hill.   Stay Frosty!!DSC00187


May 25th, 2014 by dave

The clouds had moved off for the most part as the system moved East, leaving only a few stragglers.   The Sun shine was a welcome sight, making the dance floor shine with all the added water from the rain.  Here is a shot of Powder Paradise, which had been given a very nice till for the morning crew.  The corn was prime for the very first run, and consistent turns felt luxurious top to bottom.  Traffic was light for the first part of the morning, but folks began rolling in as the morning progressed.  Regulator had a bit of a breakable crust on it that made it a bit tricky until the traffic broke the lens, after which the sugar was delightful.  It was a very festive day with folks arriving in costume and flair to celebrate these last days of the season.  The melt off is obvious now, but the cover remains good top to bottom, however, you will have to be aware of the changes.   Here is a shot taken from the chair that seems something of a Non Sequitur.   Tomorrow, look for another great day to get the last of the season.  There will be lots of fun, and a bit of pond skimming on lower Anderson’s Hill, which has a small opening to the water.  Entertainment is on tap on the Plaza, so be sure to hang out for the Plaza Party.  Here is a shot of the fun, with Backwash providing the groove for the folks.  See you there for the early runs and the best of the day.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC02151DSC02152DSC02156