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June 26th, 2013 by dave

Snowbird Secrets: A Guide to Big Mountain Skiing by Jackson Hogen and Guru Dave Powers
A Guide to Big Mountain Skiing by Jackson
Hogen and Guru Dave Powers

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August 18th, 2015 by dave

The brutal heat of the Summer is abating a bit as we hit these August Days, and there are some cool mornings creeping in.  I came back to down from the High Desert after a long stretch where I spent a lot of time in Comic Contemplation.  I took a trip to the peak to see the developments that are really exciting indeed.  Here is  Kirk, one of the very key individuals, who helps keep all the balls in the air at the same time.  I have no idea how he does it, but he makes it look easy, though it is very much NOT.  The structure is getting closed in rapidly, with much of the window DSC03133framing all up and taking shape.  The outside stair case is almost complete and the deck area has been back filled and is very near to the stage where it will be poured.  This deck is very extensive and wide open, which will be a very nice spot to hang out during those warmer days.  It is amazing that they are building this at 11,000′ and in such a very confined space. DSC03135While I was up on the peak I was able to get a shot of some of the amazing wild flowers that have been really going off all Summer long.  They are so delicate in contrast to the very extreme terrain in which they grow.  DSC03129Octoberfest began it’s Fall season run last weekend with some very nice weather and all the activities running all week long.  I was watching the folks take fast runs down the Alpine slideDSC03138which was looking fast and fun.  The Mountain Coaster was looking super fun as well as all the other activities that are on hand.  Here is a shot of the Snowbird Uni Mog loaded with kegs DSC03142to stoke the taps for the festivities this coming weekend.  Be sure to get up there for these August Days and enjoy the cool mountain air and good times that are wall to wall.  Stay Frosty!!


August 2nd, 2015 by dave

Well, time is flying like the LCC creek during high run off.  It seems like it is a huge rushing noise as it roars by.   I came down from the High Desert to reconnect with the Summer time activities at the Bird and visit the Chef and see how his awesome garden is doing.  It is in full effect right now with lots of produce being pulled from the ground on a daily basis.  Here is a shot of the fun.  DSC03110He turned his entire front yard into this garden and it is the coolest yard on the block.   Pretty soon the tomatoes will be coming on, quickly followed by the sweet corn that is developing.  Here is a shot of the Chef and Sissy who were enjoying a great time at the Cool air concert on the Plaza deck Saturday night.  DSC03124The band was really  exceptional as they delivered Latin grooves that had everyone dancing the entire time.  They had so much energy and really brought to goods to the High Mountain.  DSC03122This girl stole the show with some really great electric violin playing, which was highlighted with some amazing delay effects that just filled the air with beautiful melodies.  She is a very talented lady.  I got to visit with many of my friends that I don’t get to see in the off season, so it was fun to catch up and hear about their exploits.   The hill is in full Summer mode, with all DSC03108the snow having finally melted off the high peaks. It is interesting to see the harsh textures that get covered with snow, and that we get to fly over all this with not a care in the world.  It is also fun to see this and juxtapose it to a deep Winter White Out when you are just working with a wing and a prayer.  The Peak facility is shaping up and the outer facade is going on the North side, with the window frames being installed in anticipation of the arrival of the glass.  The excavator in the foreground is finishing the final footing area for the big deck that will surround the DSC03106building.  The exit flow off the Tram will be much improved with this big open area.  The Mountain Bike track is getting a lot of use and the wild flowers a really peaking, so get up there for the Summer extravaganza.  More music is on tap next Saturday night, so be sure to be there for the good times.  IBBY!!!


July 13th, 2015 by dave

I came down from the High Desert to spend the weekend at the Bird to get out of the heat and the solitude.  It was really exciting to be back on the hill, with the wild flowers out in full force.  All that rain really helped push the crop this season.  The Cool Air Concerts featured  The Young Dubliners on Plaza that drew the biggest crowd I had ever seen.  Standing room only.  Here is a shot of the band as they took the stage.  I got to see a lot of folks that I only get to see in the Winter, so it was like old home week, catching up and seeing what everyone was up to.  DSC03094On Sunday, I climbed the hill to get an up close and personal look at the terrain, and get a real sense of what just how steep the hill is.  Even the flat Cat Tracks are much steeper than we feel when skiing.  They seem so flat when you are ripping down, but going up gives a whole fresh perspective.  Here is a shot of Hellgate in the Kodachrome clarity of the air.  The 3D effect was DSC03097stunning.  On the Peak there were a lot of folks checking out the view.  These two folks were having a great time and were glad to be in such a high and spectacular place on such a great day.  DSC03091The Peak facility is moving ahead very rapidly, with the big detail wall finished and stripped of the forms this week.  Here is a shot of the Bird Wings that were formed into the facade.  DSC03103This building is going to be very cool, and the progress on the exterior deck is coming along nicely.  The Down Hill Bike Single Track is open and getting a lot of use.  A lot of work has been done on the Track this season and is riding very well.  With the Wildflower explosion, taking the runs is a major color blast.    Be sure to get up to the hill to take advantage of the Summer fun.  Back to the High Desert and the continued deep studies.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!



June 24th, 2015 by dave

I took a Tram ride this morning to check out the progress on the peak facility and it was quite warm on the peak, but not as hot as it was in the Valley where the temps. where pushing 100 Degrees.  Here is a shot of the progress as the interior is really beginning to take shape, and the footings for the big deck are almost ready to be poured.   Compare and contrast from last post.  DSC03079It was great being on the peak again, and there is still snow out in the big bowls, but it is going fast and will not be lasting long.  The single track bike trail is shaping up and work has been done to get it smoothed out.  Be sure to check the Bird site for availability.  I will be trying to get some shots of the trail as the season progresses.  Here is a shot of the Mc Donald family who were enjoying the peak after moving to the Utah a couple of months ago.  They are going to love it here.    The Cool Air Concerts are being held on Saturday nights, which feature national DSC03081talent and are well worth getting up the hill to attend, not to  mention the cooler temps. after the heat of this High Pressure system that is parked over the state. All of the activities are open and happening daily so come up and take advantage of the fun.  Lastly, here is a shot of the Uni Mog that is parked out front of the Plaza.  This is such a classic vehicle.  DSC03078The Big Cycle continues to turn and it will be delivering the goods in the not to far distant future.  Stay Frosty!!


June 17th, 2015 by dave

The new peak facility is shaping up quickly.  I took a Tram ride to the peak to check things out after a gracious lunch at the Forklift where Neil was showing old archive photos of the early years of the Bird.  There were shots of architect renderings of the Plaza and a future look, and surprisingly, most of the model has been realized.  The Cliff Lodge expansion far exceeded those visions and is still ahead of it’s time.  Here is a shot of the structure where the progress is most evident.   DSC03044Sub grade work continues on the surrounding deck with the excavator and articulating truck digging out the area for the footings and foundation for the external deck. This is going to be great getting off the Tram. DSC03043There is still quite a bit of snow up high, and it was kind of inviting, but the sun cups and debris on the slopes were problematic, so I did not harbor any ideas of getting ambitious, however, there were some tracks out in Mineral Basin.  I visited with the Disney Princesses – Poccahontas and Rapunzel who were visiting the Bird for the first time.DSC03042  They were blown away with all the activity and terrain they saw on the trip, and I suspect they will return to see what a real deep powder day at the Bird has to offer.  I just though you would all like to see the progress, and it looks like they are well on the way to an on time opening for next season.  More to come, but in the mean time, I am busy getting the DEEP SPACE TRANSMISSIONS at the Trailer.  Things are getting very interesting.  Peace Out!!


June 13th, 2015 by dave

I had a very nice time at Brew Fest today, the weather was perfect and there was some great music in the main area.  I got there early so I could grab lunch at the Forklift and then hit the music venue where a good friend of mine was playing with Sin City Soul.  They were outstanding and were as tight and funky as can be.  I had never heard him play even though I have know Dude for over 40 years.  Somehow, I just never was able to get to it, but here is a shot of the band rocking it old school.DSC02918There were numerous acts to come after this group, so the day was full of music and fun.  They had a very nice arts and crafts area that had cool stalls with a wide variety to shop.  Here is a great shot of the Dude himself working bass line and locking in the groove.  DSC02920Make it a point to get up there for tomorrow’s festivities, as the weather will be great and the beer is flowing.  Stay Frosty!!


June 11th, 2015 by dave

Thiel 6-14-12_00038In my early years here at the Bird, there was a very advanced crew of back country skiers who would work Mineral Basin as a personal back yard.  Here is a shot of one of the Bookend Chutes off of Toad Hill  15 years before there was lift service in the back.  They did this all on long skinny skis and really heavy boots.  They would make numerous laps out there and get the best of the best and then have to do the long slog out of there.  Mr Thiel sent me these shots from his archives, which include so many memories that are not dated in the least, as this terrain remains unchanged for the most part.  Here is Thiel 6-14-12_00054another shot  looking back at the turns out of the Finger Chutes.  How many Winters did the all that powder go begging back before the Bird was made a reality?  Fortunately, we have now arrived at the proper point in the Time Line that lets us have at all this terrain.   Now, looking forward, as the Bird begins a new motion into the future, we have new views to imagine lines. DSC02537Before we know it, we will be putting down lines on this terrain, and this is just a tiny piece of a very large canvas that exists just over the ridge, just like those earlier shots of Mineral Basin.  Here is a shot of Seth, operating the excavator on the peak, as he digs the foundation holes for the new deck that will surround the new peak facility.  This will entirely eliminate the DSC02915congestion getting off of the Tram deck.  Progress is coming along nicely.  Don’t forget that this weekend Snowbird is hosting the Brewfest, with live music, activities, and lots of fun.  Be sure to get up there as the weather is going to be great.  Stay Frosty!!


May 31st, 2015 by dave

I came back down from the High Desert where I have got the Trailer all set up and receiving the TRANSMISSIONS loud and clear, so I thought a trip up the Tram was in order.  I met this lovely lady from Texas who was here for the first time and was taking the time to make it to the top of the world.  I am sure she was duly impressed with the terrain and all the snow on the upper elevations.  With this super wet spring there is still a lot of snow on the upper elevations, with some very nice looking smooth surfaces that might corn up nicely when we get some of theDSC02905warm days that are promised, but you will have to hike Alta or White Pine to get the goods.  I think it would be well worth the effort.  The progress of the peak facility is coming along, with detail work on the utilities and interior walls looking good.  Here is a shot of a brand new CAT excavator sitting here at 11,000′ in front of the new structure .DSC02906While I was up on the peak, I was looking back into Mineral Basin where there is still a lot of snow that sent my mind to the days when there were no lifts back there, and we used to climb Twin Peaks and look back on the incredible terrain there. We had such great days back there and I am looking forward to hitting that area again.  Well, back to High Desert as I make my way back to the Dark Matter Wars.  Peace Out!!


May 19th, 2015 by dave

dave_powersLast season seemed to pass like this bubble that Wynonna sent to me from the last day’s celebration on the plaza deck.  It was created, floated through the brief moment in time and exploded in a puff of mist to become the past.  Like this bubble, however, the season was beautiful and perfect in it’s own way, and held a singular quality that was held in each and every day.  Granted, the quantity of snow fall was not as much as would have been wished, but the quality of the pack was strong with days that were memorable as they were explored.  Even the last day of the season delivered a special accumulation to treat the faithful who were squeezing the last moments out of the bubble.    A special thanks to all the folks that make the Bird turn.  Here is a shot of one of the members of the Cat Crew who did an outstanding job of smoothing the hill for each day, making the perfect corduroy worth getting up for those first Tram mornings.  DSC01466Thanks to the Ski Patrol, and the lift operators and mechanics that kept us safe and moving up the hill.  It takes a monumental coordination of effort to launch each and every day, and I am grateful for all the folks that make it happen.  A special mention of appreciation to the crew at the Forklift, who took care of the morning crew with grace and style. DSC01578 I will be moving the Trailer to it’s undisclosed location in the High Desert while I, once again, rejoin the Dark Matter Wars that are still on going in the Multiverse.  I will try and add some features to the site for next season, so we will see how it all turns out.  I will be posting on a regular basis to chronicle the activities and progress on the hill, so check back form time to time.  Be safe, have fun, and I will see you there for the first Tram next season.   Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!


May 10th, 2015 by dave

The faithful were on hand early this morning to be among the first to experience the fresh 10” of Essence for these last turns of the season.  Visibility on the peak was still marginal, but the quality of the fresh accumulation was skiing as well as any Mid Winter would offer.  Though there were many variables underneath the new snow, and the push to hit every square inch would not stop the faithful from getting it all.  A lot of P Tex was left on the covered rocks.  I got some wonderful lines that did not seem possible after yesterday’s variables.  What a treat it was indeed.  Here is a shot of Wynonna and D Ripper standing in front a view of Mineral Basin looking mystical through the clouds.  DSC02895You have to know the turns would have been really good back there, but then there is next season, which will be coming back around with the certainty of the BIG CYCLE.  We must go in order to return as does the snow pack.   The clouds began to move off, with Sun beginning to poke through from time to time.  Here is a shot of the Canyon with the Green Wave of Spring moving up as the days pass.  It is interesting to see the contrast between the Green and the DSC02892snow flocked North side of the Canyon.  On the Plaza deck, the Benefit for the Nepalese Earth Quake was the high light of the day after the great conditions.  Great music was on tap on the stage that made the entire day a very festive event.  The parking lot was packed and there were still folks arriving in droves as I headed back to the Trailer.  Who could blame them all for wanting to get these last turns of the season.  Here is a better shot of Mineral Basin as seen through the clouds hugging the peak. Stay tuned for a wrap up post I will be writing in the next few days to look back and reflect of this past season.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC02896