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There were fast moving clouds, transported wind swirling on the North faces, and amazing prepared lines all over the hill. With some flat light to start the day, going with the know smooth faces was key till the Sun came out as the clouds moved off and visibility improved. Those wind buffed prepared lines were velvet smooth and had just the right amount of edge set to let you dial in any turn you chose. With the Sun higher in the sky, the wind plumes off the top of the ridges were a sight to behold and taking time out to watch the windy chaos was worth the effort.

Old Reliable was looking askew this morning, with some interesting lens flair to add drama.
The Rock Garden looking mighty scoured and imposing in the windy sunlight.

The storm is slated to begin delivering the goods later this evening and continuing over the next couple of days. Tomorrow, look for a slow start as the overnight accumulation and high wind situation gets square away. Industrial smoothing efforts will have been completed on all sides of the hill and will be offering the best top to bottom consistency, but there will be some very nice wind deposited lines on the High North aspects that will deserve a look see and some up close and personal attention. We’ll have to see how it looks from the Tram in the AM. Though it was fairly warm today, expect cold temps, high winds, and storm riding conditions. The hill is in good shape with lots of the heavily worked lines filling in with the wind transport. Stay Frosty!!



The wind scoured the pack on all sides of the hill as it swirled and transported the product to parts unknown. The Faithful were on deck early and ready to get after it, and it was great to have bright Sun, cold temps, and lots of prepared lines to enjoy. The off trail was extremely variable, with some areas of deposited wind buff and slab as well as areas that were scoured down to the old packed layer. Yesterday’s wind was so erratic that guessing where the soft lines were living was anyone’s guess.

Mikey M out on Baldy bearing down and dealing sternly with the variables. You can see the wide variety of surface textures from section to section.

Tomorrow, look for much the same conditions on the off trail sections, freshly prepared lines which will offer really great turning as the dry quality of the pack has held up nicely and is a carving sensation. I expect some still cold temps, though temps should warm up after Noon. Wind may be in the mix as the next system knocks on the door and will be delivering more fresh Essence to refresh and resurface the pack. There may be some clouds moving in as well, so enjoy the vis while it is clean and green.. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



The fast moving front that moved through last night brought big winds which kept the delivery from being less than consistent on the hill. The Canyon was closed to start the morning, and only the Gad side of the hill had uphill access available. Up high, there were wind waves as the snow was transported as it fell. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see how the rest of the hill looks with some better visibility.

Mikey M sent this shot of the Blue Tram docked in the upper landing after he and Doc climbed up from the Little Cloud Chair.

Tomorrow, look for reworked lines to have been prepared on all sides of the hill. We’ll have to get a closer look at the pack to see how and where the last installment landed after all that wind. The prepared lines will be offering great quality as the last installment delivered deluxe material to work with. This last installment will be getting worked into the mat and should prove to be a carving sensation. Last week was insane on that front and I expect continued ground pounding fun to be on tap. Dress for the cold and I think the visibility will be much improved to get a good look at the terrain. See you there for the top to bottom hot laps. Keep it tight!!



Storm vibrations were in evidence this morning as a stout South wind was blowing, fast moving clouds were creating some flat light as they passed, with sunlight on sections of the hill giving some needed detail to the surface. Amazing prepared lines were to be found on all sides of the hill and it was just a choice as to which buffed carpet you wanted to unload on. The wind was beginning to transport some product to the down wind lines, making for some very nice, steep, sliding.

The Jazzman finding wind transported goodness on the steep upper section of Silverfox.
The Jazzman letting loose on the wide open wind buffed lines and getting jiggy with it.

I was working the smooth buffed lines on the Peruvian Gulch, topping off the bottom section with a deluxe carpet ride down Lower Primrose Path, which was offering absolute, top to bottom perfection. Tomorrow look for overnight accumulation to have been delivered with continuing precipitation during the day. The temps are going to drop significantly, so dress for storm riding and expect marginal visibility. Remember the smooth lines from today, which will still be holding up with some added lines as the frontal winds intensified. Here it comes!! Remain Standing!!



Perfect carpets of AHHHHH had been prepared on all sides of the hill for today’s festivities. New and exciting line were cut for the first time of the year and I had to take advantage of that rarity out in Mineral Basin. On the front of the hill, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were dream book perfect letting you feel each bit of turn dynamic. Temps were perfect and I got to drive with the top down after breakfast.

Yay for Sun and perfect carpets of goodness.

Tomorrow, look for changing weather as the next system moves in for the next couple of days. Perhaps we will get some transporting winds which will smooth the pack and begin to offer some wind slab sections. I expect continued smoothing efforts to make the prepared lines epically shredtastic!! See you there for the morning carving sensation. Remain Standing!!



It was a sunshiny day wall to wall today, with only some very high thin clouds that did little to filter the brilliance. The details were in high relief, making each turn easy to see, which has been so nice after having to work the marginal visibility issues of the past week, but it was worth the effort to ingrain those inner visions. The prepared lines were full on dialable, with dry chalky feel that let you feel your inner Ligety.

Looking due West reveals a great vista of unlimited aspects.

Tomorrow, look for more great conditions on the hill, with prepared lines on all sides of the hill to be offering great quality, however, those due South and West aspects picked up a lot of Sun today, so they may be a tad crispy in the AM. More weather is forecast for the beginning of the week, with much colder temps, so get ready to use all your inner visions to augment your eyes as the visibility get funky. I have just been loving those dry chalky carpets of AHHHH. Keep on Chooglin’!!



I was looking for perfect carpets of AHHHH today and I was not disappointed on any side of the hill. Everyone was excited about the prospects of soft snow, sunshine, and wide open lines that let you explore your inner Ligety!! The off trail consistency is getting worked over, with interference patterns and rumble building in the high traffic areas, but there are still lines to get if you get after it.

Tom Branch getting a perfect wide open line on Baldy shoulder today. Sparkling perfection!!!

Coverage remains really good, with entrances and traverses holding up nicely and most of the features have been either exposed or long since covered.

A framed shot of The Gad 2 shoulder covered with absolute perfection.

The intensity of the Sun today reminded me that we are in the last days of February, and the Sun is getting higher in the sky, which means that attention to aspect will become more important as we move forward in selecting line choice. Tomorrow, those aspects that saw a solid shot of Sun may well be crispy and punchable. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with amazing prepared lines, still soft snow to be found on the far reaches, and plenty of options everywhere you look.

Tram Rat sent this shot from his back yard in Tuscon AZ as he chills on the golf course. He’ll be back soon.

I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow, so dial in some smokin’ lines on the hill. Remember, the prepared lines will be off the chart. Speed safely!!!



A few more inches of frosting was added to the dance floor overnight, treating The Faithful to another day of delightful carving on all sides of the hill. With all this added accumulation, the smooth factor has been fantastic, offering direct lines with plenty of consistency to dial in any needed transition with full control. These days have been amazing as the hill is in prime condition with the guts and tight sections filled and trustworthy.

Mike McCarthy enjoying the smooth fresh frosting and making the most of it.

Mineral Basin opened and pulled a large portion of the The Faithful back there leaving the front of the hill a bit more wide open. Lines were plentiful and sweet, with that density offering some nice float with each turn.

Steve Mayer floating high and feeling the love with each turn.
Professor Tom getting jiggy with the product out at The Alter

There was so much to choose from today, that it was a mental scramble to choose which way to go. It’s a game of trade offs on perfection. Tomorrow, look for a Sunny day, more goodness waiting in the wings and continued high interest in the product. The prepared lines will be offering amazing quality on all sides of the hill, with a perfect velvet touch and dial-o-matic turns top to bottom. It will be nice to get a good eye on the details after all the storm visibility issues.

Wynonna and Reanna punching through the mountain for the goods on The Other Side.

See you for the morning fun session, with some great visibility, smooth lines, and perfect frosting to slather!! Remain Standing!!!



A few new inches of deep sugar covered the dance floor this morning, making for some delightful full platform engagement turns on all sides of the hill. Between the stout wind and continuous snow fall, it made for smooth, consistent lines that were dense and heavy, but so easily workable. Visibility was difficult again, but the details were showing up much better, enabling a more direct, full fall line approach.

Mikey M in full power drive mode, working the medium with full platform engagement.
The Jazzman getting turns like sweet sugar kisses out on Baldy.

There was plenty to explore today and you would not be disappointed by any choice you made. Tomorrow, look for some residual accumulation as this system begins to move off to the East. I expect continued density of the pack, some easy early morning lines, but an increase in the ratchet chop as the pack gets worked, so look for the outside lines as the pack gets worked, and as the lightly trod areas will hold the quality longer. There should be clearing skies for the next few days before the next system moves in early next week. Keep it tight!!



With fresh high density Essence covering the dance floor, stout wind working the pack, and a filled in substrate, smooth sliding was on tap on all sides of the hill. The high density product felt luxurious underfoot as it was dry and cold though dense. As long as the pack was untracked the turning was amazing, but as it got cut up the dreaded ratchet chop cropped up that required a much slower, rounder, surgical approach which took the torsion forces off your knees and let the platform slice through the variations. Visibility was marginal, but with the smooth lines, there was not much problem dealing with that issue.

Reed Snyderman power blasting through the deluxe product on Lone Pine
Reed and Mark Snyderman jumping for joy on a smooth carvey section of a Wilbre Bowl line.

Traffic was high and the Silverfox area was closed for an event, but the lifts were up to the task and turnaround time was pretty fast. Mineral Basin was very good, but the visibility issues were difficult, however, worth the visit. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to have been delivered overnight as it is raining briskly here at The Trailer. I expect still high pressure for the goods, but there will be a fresh smooth surface on all sides of the hill to enjoy. Check the Bird site for road access and weather data points. IBBY!!!