2-23-24 by dave

I was looking for perfect carpets of AHHHH today and I was not disappointed on any side of the hill. Everyone was excited about the prospects of soft snow, sunshine, and wide open lines that let you explore your inner Ligety!! The off trail consistency is getting worked over, with interference patterns and rumble building in the high traffic areas, but there are still lines to get if you get after it.

Tom Branch getting a perfect wide open line on Baldy shoulder today. Sparkling perfection!!!

Coverage remains really good, with entrances and traverses holding up nicely and most of the features have been either exposed or long since covered.

A framed shot of The Gad 2 shoulder covered with absolute perfection.

The intensity of the Sun today reminded me that we are in the last days of February, and the Sun is getting higher in the sky, which means that attention to aspect will become more important as we move forward in selecting line choice. Tomorrow, those aspects that saw a solid shot of Sun may well be crispy and punchable. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with amazing prepared lines, still soft snow to be found on the far reaches, and plenty of options everywhere you look.

Tram Rat sent this shot from his back yard in Tuscon AZ as he chills on the golf course. He’ll be back soon.

I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow, so dial in some smokin’ lines on the hill. Remember, the prepared lines will be off the chart. Speed safely!!!

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