2-24-24 by dave

It was a sunshiny day wall to wall today, with only some very high thin clouds that did little to filter the brilliance. The details were in high relief, making each turn easy to see, which has been so nice after having to work the marginal visibility issues of the past week, but it was worth the effort to ingrain those inner visions. The prepared lines were full on dialable, with dry chalky feel that let you feel your inner Ligety.

Looking due West reveals a great vista of unlimited aspects.

Tomorrow, look for more great conditions on the hill, with prepared lines on all sides of the hill to be offering great quality, however, those due South and West aspects picked up a lot of Sun today, so they may be a tad crispy in the AM. More weather is forecast for the beginning of the week, with much colder temps, so get ready to use all your inner visions to augment your eyes as the visibility get funky. I have just been loving those dry chalky carpets of AHHHH. Keep on Chooglin’!!

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