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The temps were quite warm this morning with no overnight freeze, however, the residual cold in the mat did freeze and firm up most of the lines on the hill. Mineral Basin was offering the sun softened lines that broke first. On the front of the hill, Peruvian Gulch was given a fresh till, but efforts there had been scaled back, however, the tenderizing efforts left sweet lines that let you dial in full platform engagement right out of the chute. Around 11AM, Mark Malu really hit the high note, with soft silky consistency that let you dial in the high edge angle and wrap the turn where needed.

Mark Malu looking smooth, soft and ready for ground pounding fun.

With the no freeze overnight, the break went off very quickly and by Noon, there were very sticky section on the very bottom of the hill that kept you on your toes.

Dave Moore and Mike Biittner on the East Twin on a tour to the far side. Spring time magic.

Tomorrow, look for more spring conditions and chasing the break around the hill. The Peruvian Gulch will be offering good lines, but Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun from the word go. Look for more tenderizing efforts to have been performed which will aid in finding those smooth sugary lines that are a delight in those early morning hours.

Team Prozyna: JP, Maxi, Calo and Felix enjoying the sun and fun on the Plaza deck during their yearly snowbird visit. I have know JP since I first got to the hill. Great to see them here.

I think there will be some overcast skies, as a cloud deck moved in late this afternoon. Great spring conditions are on tap and great music on the Plaza beginning at 2PM. Lay it over like Mikaela!!!



It was warmer this morning, but there was still a real nip in the air, which has been really going a log way to preserving the pack. The machine worked lines were offering great lines with Mineral Basin offering the Sun and smooth, but Peruvian Gulch was offering the smooth top to bottom back to back pace that gets the motor running. I love the Sun and the sunny aspects, but I just love dialing in the empty wide open 3000′ ground pounding lines with full effect. Later, as the Sun worked the pack, the break did occur, which made the ride much more silky as the softness filled in.

Tom and Betty Muir caught a shot of me waving at The Tram Cam as we waited for the festivities to begin.. I enjoy waving to the Cam as you never know who is checking out the first Tram roster for the day.

Tomorrow, look for more great spring time fun with top to bottom machine worked lines, sunny prepared lines lit with Sun in Mineral Basin and continued light traffic. I will be checking out Mineral Basin in the AM as I have been focusing on the front of the hill, and I need to get a close up look at the Basin. It should be warming up even a bit more, and I anticipate being able to drive with the top down. Yay!! Keep it real!!



It was another cold morning, with fast moving clouds moving over, and visibility becoming flat with the changing cloud cover. The clouds would move off after a bit leaving the hill bathed in bright Sunlight. Once again, excellent prepared lines were on tap on all sides of the hill, so it was a choice of vertical combination and traffic concentration that would make the call for me. I chose to get the untracked corduroy of The Peruvian Gulch, which was smooth, consistent, and dialable top to bottom. I just love freshly buffed lines with absolutely no traffic. Mark Malu was also offering some deluxe dry chalk, that just felt great underfoot, with plenty of room to stretch out.

Great time at The Summit on Hidden Peak, soaking up all the telluric energy pumping through the building and enjoying trading stories with Garth and Tom

With the cooler temps, the snow stayed well refrigerated and kept you on your toes. Tomorrow, look for more great prepared lines, some still good lines on the High North aspects if you feel adventurous. Cover is amazing and temps are going to be warming with each day. Stay Frosty!!



The temps were still frosty this morning, but I was sliding in sunglasses and a hat, which was great. There was no shortage of amazing choices for prepared lines on all sides of the hill, so it was a matter of approach that made the decision. Lone Star and White Diamonds were on tap and perfect for the opening bell, with a totally vacant Peruvian Gulch to work, back to back and non stop. The untracked corduroy was impeccable, calling for repeat visits. Side country was open and folks were taking advantage of some rare lines.

Jake sent this amazing shot of Liam’s Pension. Spicy piece of terrain.
Neil sent this shot from the top of a Lewis and Clark lap. Wide open and pure fun.

With light traffic, back to back walk on Trams were on tap, with top to bottom smooth which kept me comin’ back for more. The pack held up for a long time as the cold temps held up the break. Tomorrow, look for more great prepared lines. The Cat Crew has been doing a stellar job of making the hill better than ever. Carpets of AHHHHHH! I expect light traffic again tomorrow, so get ready for a vertical extravaganza. IBBY!!



It was a cold morning, with some clouds moving in and out, but with larger windows of Sun to balance out the mix. As anticipated, the machine worked lines were just amazing as the new product got worked into the mat. Chips, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose path were buffed out and smoothed to perfection top to bottom. It was likely the best quality I have ever experienced on that combination….Ever. No kidding. I needed a cigarette right after that first run. Mineral Basin was offering great lines as well, but I opted to hit up Peruvian Gulch as it was totally vacant. With the cold temps, the quality held up all day long and did not become manky. I was on the peak for the eclipse, just to be there for the event.

Steve Prior took this shot on the chair on his way up to the peak.
Kim Jacoby took this shot on the peak while I was standing there.

Tomorrow, look for more amazing lines to be on tap on all sides of the hill. I think the temps preserved the pack, so the prepared lines should be really good in the AM. I expect continued low traffic and wide open top to bottom hot laps. The high north aspects are still holding the dry cold, so those lines should be good to go for off trail action. I will be looking for that perfect velvet again on all those prepared lines and, perhaps, another fresh till on Lower Lower. See you there dark and early for the warming trend. Dial it up, Dial it in!!



Fresh essence covered the hill over night, adding to the cushion and quality. The clouds and cold morning temps, help preserve the quality of the new product and kept it from the morphing too quickly. With the recent slow build up of pack, the substrate is quite smooth overall, making for some full on top to bottom drive lines that I have been waiting on all season long.

Mike McCarthy making some beautiful turns which match the vibration on the hill.
Tomi McCarthy floating in perfection today and lovin’ every second!!

Tomorrow, look for still soft snow all over the hill, but some aspects that caught a shot of Sun may be variable. The prepared lines will be off the charts delightful on all sides of the hill right out of the chute. Check the grooming report for new and exciting lines.

Wynonna getting full platform engagement in Mineral Basin. Photo TRX

Look for some still active weather to be happening, but I expect a stellar day. See you there dark and early for the vast array of choices. Speed Safely!!



A fresh Spring installment of Essence was delivered and The Faithful were on deck and ready for fun. It was great to have the hill in such smooth overall shape so that the new cover got worked into the substrate. Visibility was an issue, but staying with the trees payed dividends.

Dream Time!!

Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation and excellent conditions. Forecast looks like an active pattern for a couple of days, so there will be refreshed lines. A little at at time is just fine. I’ll be back on the hill in the AM. See you there for the festivities. IBBY!!



The wind was blowing this morning, and the clouds were moving mighty fast. Windows of sunshine passed quickly, so the visibility was pretty good though a bit flat at times. The prepared lines were smooth and firm, however there was enough dust and velvet in the mat to get enough traction. On lower aspects, tenderizing efforts had been done, making the mat much softer and sugar like. The front moved in around 1PM and the storm was on. Good to have got a good look at the hill before it gets covered up.

Fast moving clouds overhead and the Front in the distance frames a great shot of the Valley.

Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation to be added to the mostly smooth pack. That old surface was pretty crusty, so expect some feedback. I am hoping it comes in a tad wet to cushion the ride. Dress for storm riding and have fun with all the freshies. Remain Standing!!



The Sun was shining this morning, but it was filtered to varying degrees with some flat light periods and other sun lit openings. With the overnight freeze, those direct aspects and off trail was going to be crispy and stiff. The prepared lines were nicely tilled and plenty of traction. On the front of the hill, there was plenty of traction there as well, check the grooming report and know which big lines have been prepared. Fresh tilling on Who Dunnit was sweet and offered full platform engagement with each turn. Regulator was very firm in the AM and would take a long time to break.

A shot of Regulator just last week when it had that Winter soft. It was much firmer today.

The wind really began to howl out of the South ahead of the front that is on the door step. I am hoping we’ll get some good natural smoothing overnight to buff out the pack. Look for the North and East aspect to get the accumulation. Dress for changing and storm like conditions. Again the prepared lines will be the best feel till the pack gets covered with the new installment. See you there for the Spring powder experience. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!



The Sun has been working the pack with direct rays beginning the Spring thing. Mineral Basin was offering the bright visibility and machine worked lines that were a touch crispy, but still had a bit of the cold chalk mixed into the mat. Lone Star and Silver Dipper were on tap, and with a super light traffic day, let you dial in hot laps with no waiting and wide open lines. On the front of the hill, Peruvian Gulch still had the dry chalk up high, but the lower aspects were crispy till warming occurred.

Deluxe carpets of AHHHHH were on tap with super light traffic and no worries.

Regulator was going to take a while to break as per usual, but the rest of the hill had plenty of options to keep you working the back to back walk on Trams. Tomorrow, look for increasing winds as the next low pressure gets closer. There may be some high clouds moving in as well, but I expect visibility to be good. Mineral will be offering the first break in the pack, and going for the smooth machine worked lines will be the call for that ground pounding top to bottom fun.

Diamond Dave getting the goods from the tail end of that last storm cycle.

It feels so great to have the photo posting capability back as a picture is worth a thousand words. See you there dark and early for the morning hot laps and spring feel. More storms are upstream, so get ready. Straight Ahead!!!