5-27-24 by dave

The last day of the season was full of stoke, fun, and sunny skies, with plenty of cover to let everyone get the most out of the day. The pond skimming was on tap at the bottom of Anderson’s Hill, which was surprisingly large having only been exposed just the other day. There was some very nice dry deep corn where tenderizing efforts had been performed, though those deep sections had a tendency to grab your ski.

A shot of the West Twin showing the huge amount of base still on the hill. With these cold nights, the pack up high has been slow to melt.

There was a lot of traffic and the narrow access lines were active with lots of folks getting the last of the rippin’ lines down the hill. Excellent music was happening on the Plaza Deck, with a band that had a great brass section. Nice touch. The Sun was warm and the Plaza scene was fun and festive.

The Powder Mafia was, once again, celebrating the end of another great year. This crew has a real blast with so much stoke it is inspiring. “Thank you very much!!!”

It is time to start gearing up for my journey to the High Desert for my time with the Universe. Lots to encounter and ponder in the coming months. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!!

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