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The Bird opened for 2 bonus days and The Faithful were in full attendance in numbers that were over the top. Available terrain was only the Road to Provo and Regulator, which offered good cover, with heavy sun cups and a section of prepared surface down to the Little Cloud Chair. The energy was high and it was a very festive atmosphere, which was a fitting send off for an amazing season. It was startling how much snow had melted off the lower section of the hill, with no way off the hill, so folks had to download on the Tram at the end of the day.

The queue went all the way over to the Peruvian Chair and was still accumulating, but spirits were high.

I opted to hang at The Forklift and enjoy breakfast with the gang and assess the options. Reports from the peak were encouraging and the Plaza was ready for music and a BBQ for the Apres festivities.

Perfect weather and high spirits capped off an amazing season

What an incredible season, which will go down in memory as a hallmark occasion for a very long time. Thanks to all the Snowbird Teams that worked so hard to make it all work out under very trying circumstances. I will be heading to the High Desert where The Trailer is already set up for the Cosmic explorations. Have a great Summer and enjoy the stoke!!! Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!!