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The temps were warm this morning, the wind was blowing hard aloft, and the smoothing was in the works, making for a creamy and dreamy day of snow sport sliding. The wind out of the South was buffing and filling in all the lines all over the hill. All the guts and low lying aspects were getting covered as fast as they got worked. It was a full on free refills kind of day, where full platform engagement was easy to get and the turns were silky smooth.

Goodness still waiting in the wings as the Sun made very brief windows.

Lower Primrose Path was off the charts epic this morning, with dialable turns that were like hero snow. It was Studio!!!! Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight as it is raining here at The Trailer, and I expect the hill to be prime with smooth lines on all exposures, a bit lighter traffic, and wall to wall goodness top to bottom. I will be looking for the far reaches to go get the lines that I have been waiting on. It is time!! Straight Ahead!!!



With overnight accumulation and a stout wind blowing, it created a smoothing event all over the hill. All aspects seemed to be benefiting from the wind effects, which left lines perfectly creamy, smooth and dreamy. The Faithful were on deck and ready to play early and wasted no time digging into the goods.

Jake working the smooth wind smoothed line down the Mid Cirque rope line
Peter Huges getting all of a Baldy smooth fest.

With the variable visibility, there were many lines that escaped detection, leaving lots of options for tomorrow’s festivities. This storm impulse is moving out, making way for the next system slated to move in tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, look for more great turning, some areas still waiting in the wings, and some smoothing by the wind overnight. There may be a few inches of additional accumulation as this impulse leaves. I expect strong attendance again for the last day of the holiday weekend, so stay aware and be vigilant. Dial it up, Dial it in!!



After days of the delivery of fresh Essence to the hill, the day was clear, cold and bright blue, with excellent visibility. Prepared lines on all sides of the hill were totally dialable, with full platform engagement easy to get with such good consistency. Areas of the hill that had been closed were opened and The Faithful were rewarded with some of the best snow of the season.

The Jazz Man finding perfection on Baldy where the snow was deep, smooth, and delightful.

It was great to have the blue bird visibility after struggling to see all week, and making those deep carving turns with lots of detail was a real treat and a taste sensation. Tomorrow, look for more snow to be in the forecast, with visibility issues building in again. Look to the far reaches for the still smooth lines that did not get too much pressure today. The prepared lines will be offering great turning, with a velvet feel that is just amazing and deluxe. The off trail will have some build up of rumble and static, but if the snow accumulation kicks in, it could be another free refill kind of day. Stay Frosty!!!



The Faithful were in full attendance early this morning as the storm started moving in from the opening bell. Difficult visibility was going off on all sides of the hill, but on the lower elevations the details improved. There had been an inch and a half dusting on the prepared lines that were off the charts perfect, making each turn back country perfect and felt like magic underfoot. When the storm started kicking in, the snow fall was intense, and free refills were happening again, filling the hollows and guts with ultra light Essence that just blew up with each turn.

Mike McCarthy moving through the wind swept accumulation with style and power. Deeper by the second!!!

It is raining hard here at The Trailer, signaling the addition of deep Essence up on the hill. Forecasts are for a lot more accumulation overnight with some clearing coming tomorrow. Look for great lines on all sides of the hill, great coverage everywhere, and some of the best turns of the season. While the old layer could still be felt in places today, I think it will be fully bottomless for tomorrow’s offerings. Check the Canyon reports for access in the AM. Remain Standing!!!



It was raining at The Trailer when I left for the hill, which signaled the arrival of the storm that had been predicted. It was dumping in the parking lot and it was going to be a full on storm day. 5 to 7″ of fresh light Essence covered the dance floor and visibility was very difficult, so I was sticking with the known smooth sections. At 10 AM. the storm cut loose and the snow fall was super intense and piling up fast for a full on free refills kind of effect. Traffic was fairly light and fast laps were easy to make. With a stout wind blowing, there was a smoothing effect, but the substrate was still in effect, so a direct approach was needed to deal with the variations.

Professor Tom getting righteous turns with some smooth substrate adding to the fun
Professor Tom after a run of full facial madness!! This is what dreams are made of.

It was snowing so hard, I decided to pull the plug on the day and get down while the road was still negotiable. It was dumping wholesale!!! Tomorrow, look for another front to have moved in, more deep accumulation wall to wall, and much improved softness as the old layer gets covered and the new snow gets worked in. The wind was hard out of the Southwest so I will be looking at North East aspects for the smooth lines, with the guts and protected lines filling in more. Check the road reports for access in the AM. More weather is in the forecast going forward, so get ready. As Joe Man the Snowman says, ” Don’t skimp on the Groove Sauce”!!!



5″ of fresh Essence graced the dance floor this morning, but a very dense cloud hung on the top half of the Mt., making for some very challenging visibility issues to begin the day. Dropping into Upper Chips was just guess work, with just a wing and a prayer that it was smooth. Smooth it was, and having that extra soft ultra light product made the guess work a bit easier. Staying close to the trees for reference was key and when the vis improved lower on the hill, it helped moderate the vertigo that was trying to take hold. Later, the clouds moved off and the Sun made an appearance, shining light on the dance floor that made the variables on the hill easier to negotiate.

The clouds moving off letting the Sun shine a light on the situation.

Traffic was fairly light and walk on Trams were easy to get. As the new product got worked, the pack began to take on that ratchet chop consistency, which demanded a much slower pace, rounder turns to punch straight through the variations, and a long averaged turn to smooth out the ride. Tomorrow, look for a storm day as the next Low Pressure system will move in early in the AM, making for some interesting issues. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out, but traffic will increase with the extent of the report. I am hoping for some significant wind ahead of the arrival of the front to help smooth the pack a tad. See there dark and early for the Storm Riding. Remain Standing!!



The temps were brisk this morning with a fair breeze blowing up high, bright Sun wall to wall, and deluxe prepared lines to drive on all sides of the hill. A slight delay of the Tram to start the day sent the crowd directly to Mineral Basin where there were smooth lines that let you dial in your inner Ligety. On the front side of the hill the Cirque apron, Anderson’s Hill, and Lower Primrose Path were ground pounding fun, which really tested your top to bottom full blast stamina. The quality remained excellent all day long and I just had to call it when my legs just begged for mercy. Sooo much fun.

The Jazzman ready to drop Little Chute just for grins!!
Neil sent this shot of Regulator which was offering quality that skied itself!!! Soooo buffed.
Team Gaia stepping through the portal to explore the deep meaning of the turn!!

Tomorrow, look for some cloud cover as another storm is staged to move in Thursday. There will be great prepared lines, once again, on all sides of the hill, and the snow quality has held up well with the fairly cold temps. Wide spread interference patters persist, but there are still dry chalky lines to work on the outer fringes if you look. I’ll be looking for that Anderson’s, Lower Primrose combo for the morning encounter with the fall line. Remain Standing!!! Fly Free Kasha!!!!



Clear cold and uncrowded lifts were on tap today, making fast laps fun and relentless. The prepared lines were so amazing, with perfect carvability that ground pounding top to bottom nonstop lines were easy and juicy. Lower Primrose Path was the star of the day and the quality dry buff feel held up all day long. The Sun is beginning to harsh some of the direct South facing aspects, so expect some firming in the coming days. Lewis and Clark was offering vacant lines that let you dial in your inner Ligety with no problem as traction was solid, smooth, and wide open. Sooooo much fun.

Team Wiley at the top of a Lewis and Clarke discovery tour to begin their last day at the Bird. They hit pay dirt on this trip and the lines on this side of the hill.

Off trail is still soft for the most part, but the interference patterns are building in strong with high amplitude in the high traffic areas, with the rumble and high frequency static making the ride a bit challenging. Tomorrow, look for more ground pounding fun as there will be more great prepared lines on all sides of the hill, good visibility, and I expect continued light traffic after such a stretch of high intensity. I think the temps will be cool in the AM, but warming will be happening as the Sun gets higher. Keep a sharp eye out and have situational awareness. Stay Frosty!!!!



It was big game Sunday, but the full court press was still strong, with The Faithful on deck early and in force. Temps were still cold, which kept the product nicely refrigerated all day long, prepared lines were totally dialable, and there were still lines to be had, but you had to go to the far reaches to find them, though the general off trail was still quite good.

Ricky Rev sent this great shot from the top of Puckerbrush that makes the hill look like it is in heaven!! But, then again, it is!!
Another amazing shot from Rick looking at the Sunday Cliffs area where there were still fresh lines to get.
Kevin Canton sent this amazing set of turns when he went looking out in the far reaches.
I just had to include this great shot of Bonnie Rothman getting perfect Utah Light yesterday on an outside line. Awesome high edge angles and power blast effect!!

Tomorrow, look for still cold temps., amazing prepared lines on all sides of the hill, still soft snow to be found and totally filled in aspects everywhere. Traffic should be a bit lighter, and I will be looking around for the fine details and full platform engagement. This really is the best time of the year, where the snow stays good all day and the Sun does not beat the pack up too much with these cold temps. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!



The cycle has passed and the morning dawned clear and cold, illuminating the hill in high definition, which was a treat after days of very difficult visibility. Light fluffy Essence was on tap and The Faithful were on deck for the occasion and ready to sample the remaining untracked lines. They were not disappointed, as there were great lines to be had all over the hill.

Bonnie Rothman driving an perfect line and getting all of it on Galande Hill.
Kevin Canton dancing in the righteous Utah light.
Mikey M dropping in to Baldy shoulder on a perfectly smooth face

Today could be argued to be the best day of the season, but it is hard to judge with so many great days in the recent past. I can’t decide, so I will just log it into my memory as a very special experience. Tomorrow, look for more cold temps, more soft lines, with some lines still to be found, so keep an eye out and visualize your best intention. Dress for cold, but the Sun will be out so will help keep the snow soft and workable. This is still a great time of year for snow preservation. Stay Frosty!!