2-17-24 by dave

After days of the delivery of fresh Essence to the hill, the day was clear, cold and bright blue, with excellent visibility. Prepared lines on all sides of the hill were totally dialable, with full platform engagement easy to get with such good consistency. Areas of the hill that had been closed were opened and The Faithful were rewarded with some of the best snow of the season.

The Jazz Man finding perfection on Baldy where the snow was deep, smooth, and delightful.

It was great to have the blue bird visibility after struggling to see all week, and making those deep carving turns with lots of detail was a real treat and a taste sensation. Tomorrow, look for more snow to be in the forecast, with visibility issues building in again. Look to the far reaches for the still smooth lines that did not get too much pressure today. The prepared lines will be offering great turning, with a velvet feel that is just amazing and deluxe. The off trail will have some build up of rumble and static, but if the snow accumulation kicks in, it could be another free refill kind of day. Stay Frosty!!!

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