2-11-24 by dave

It was big game Sunday, but the full court press was still strong, with The Faithful on deck early and in force. Temps were still cold, which kept the product nicely refrigerated all day long, prepared lines were totally dialable, and there were still lines to be had, but you had to go to the far reaches to find them, though the general off trail was still quite good.

Ricky Rev sent this great shot from the top of Puckerbrush that makes the hill look like it is in heaven!! But, then again, it is!!
Another amazing shot from Rick looking at the Sunday Cliffs area where there were still fresh lines to get.
Kevin Canton sent this amazing set of turns when he went looking out in the far reaches.
I just had to include this great shot of Bonnie Rothman getting perfect Utah Light yesterday on an outside line. Awesome high edge angles and power blast effect!!

Tomorrow, look for still cold temps., amazing prepared lines on all sides of the hill, still soft snow to be found and totally filled in aspects everywhere. Traffic should be a bit lighter, and I will be looking around for the fine details and full platform engagement. This really is the best time of the year, where the snow stays good all day and the Sun does not beat the pack up too much with these cold temps. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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