2-13-24 by dave

The temps were brisk this morning with a fair breeze blowing up high, bright Sun wall to wall, and deluxe prepared lines to drive on all sides of the hill. A slight delay of the Tram to start the day sent the crowd directly to Mineral Basin where there were smooth lines that let you dial in your inner Ligety. On the front side of the hill the Cirque apron, Anderson’s Hill, and Lower Primrose Path were ground pounding fun, which really tested your top to bottom full blast stamina. The quality remained excellent all day long and I just had to call it when my legs just begged for mercy. Sooo much fun.

The Jazzman ready to drop Little Chute just for grins!!
Neil sent this shot of Regulator which was offering quality that skied itself!!! Soooo buffed.
Team Gaia stepping through the portal to explore the deep meaning of the turn!!

Tomorrow, look for some cloud cover as another storm is staged to move in Thursday. There will be great prepared lines, once again, on all sides of the hill, and the snow quality has held up well with the fairly cold temps. Wide spread interference patters persist, but there are still dry chalky lines to work on the outer fringes if you look. I’ll be looking for that Anderson’s, Lower Primrose combo for the morning encounter with the fall line. Remain Standing!!! Fly Free Kasha!!!!

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