2-14-24 by dave

5″ of fresh Essence graced the dance floor this morning, but a very dense cloud hung on the top half of the Mt., making for some very challenging visibility issues to begin the day. Dropping into Upper Chips was just guess work, with just a wing and a prayer that it was smooth. Smooth it was, and having that extra soft ultra light product made the guess work a bit easier. Staying close to the trees for reference was key and when the vis improved lower on the hill, it helped moderate the vertigo that was trying to take hold. Later, the clouds moved off and the Sun made an appearance, shining light on the dance floor that made the variables on the hill easier to negotiate.

The clouds moving off letting the Sun shine a light on the situation.

Traffic was fairly light and walk on Trams were easy to get. As the new product got worked, the pack began to take on that ratchet chop consistency, which demanded a much slower pace, rounder turns to punch straight through the variations, and a long averaged turn to smooth out the ride. Tomorrow, look for a storm day as the next Low Pressure system will move in early in the AM, making for some interesting issues. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out, but traffic will increase with the extent of the report. I am hoping for some significant wind ahead of the arrival of the front to help smooth the pack a tad. See there dark and early for the Storm Riding. Remain Standing!!

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