2-20-24 by dave

With fresh high density Essence covering the dance floor, stout wind working the pack, and a filled in substrate, smooth sliding was on tap on all sides of the hill. The high density product felt luxurious underfoot as it was dry and cold though dense. As long as the pack was untracked the turning was amazing, but as it got cut up the dreaded ratchet chop cropped up that required a much slower, rounder, surgical approach which took the torsion forces off your knees and let the platform slice through the variations. Visibility was marginal, but with the smooth lines, there was not much problem dealing with that issue.

Reed Snyderman power blasting through the deluxe product on Lone Pine
Reed and Mark Snyderman jumping for joy on a smooth carvey section of a Wilbre Bowl line.

Traffic was high and the Silverfox area was closed for an event, but the lifts were up to the task and turnaround time was pretty fast. Mineral Basin was very good, but the visibility issues were difficult, however, worth the visit. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to have been delivered overnight as it is raining briskly here at The Trailer. I expect still high pressure for the goods, but there will be a fresh smooth surface on all sides of the hill to enjoy. Check the Bird site for road access and weather data points. IBBY!!!

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