4-25-23 by dave

This impulse delivered 7 or 8″ of fresh Essence on top of a relatively smooth pack, treating The Faithful to a real treat. Areas that have been closed for some time were open for the occasion and there were great turns to be had with light traffic. Back to back Trams were on tap and max vertical was available on all sides of the hill.

A great shot of Regulator looking smooth and ready for prime time. Thanks Mike for the shot.
Mike McCarthy getting a deep section of fresh Essence and making it look effortless.
Tomi McCarthy dialing in a fresh line on this day that pushed Alta’s YTD total over 900″

Precipitation moved in and out all day long, which preserved the quality for quite a while. Tomorrow, look for more soft snow to be found, as there are still areas waiting in the wings. The substrate is quite firm, but is very smooth with the lack of traffic during the past while. The Groomers will be offering great lines, as the fresh material will get worked into the mat and will be really good for the opening laps. I expect fairly light traffic tomorrow, so enjoy these days of Spring Powder. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!

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