4-27-23 by dave

There was a solid freeze overnight after the snow pack had been hit hard by the Sun yesterday, leaving the hill in extra primo firm condition for the morning’s offerings. The Tram was down for high winds on the peak, and getting off the Mineral Basin Chair was wild with the gusts hitting you hard on landing. The Baldy Chair was getting slammed as well, so I went for the front side of the hill, and made a hasty retreat to The Forklift Chair to let warming occur.

JP and family getting their last day on the hill for the season. It was great to see them again!!!
Important words for the wise during these Spring days. There are fast movers working the hill all day.

By 11:30AM the pack was beginning to break, and Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering sorbet quality with clear visibility and smooth lines. Mineral was great too, but needed softening to occur. There is plenty of cover and no areas of concern are happening as one would expect this time of year. I am expecting a similar set up for the morning session. Stay Frosty!!

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