4-30-23 by dave

Record breaking warmth for this time of the season is in effect, closing the Canyon and leaving the Bird a private club again. Wet slides are still a very high issue, so safety is paramount. I am sure there was an amazing window of sorbet goodness before it all got a tad sloppy. Looking back a couple of days, The Twins opened for the second time this season and there were takers for the big lines waiting.

Kyle Weston and Ski Patches Me standing with the target of their tour behind them. They skied that shot that is to the right of Pipeline.
A great shot of the guys staged up in the drop zone of Germicide, which is total no fall zone.

Tomorrow, check the road links for UDOT updates and The Bird site for further insight. There will, no doubt, be a very nice, short window of sorbet to be had, but, with this heat, it won’t last long.

MAX AIR Craig and I at his wedding reception last night standing next to his poster from years ago. Craig has still got it!!!

Hopefully we can get back up there soon, I just love that sorbet window. Please Stand BY!!!

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