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The clouds hung low and thick over the Front this morning and brought some light flurries and cold wind, keeping the pack from breaking. During the day there were windows of Sun from time to time, but visibility remained variable overall. The Groomers offered the smoothest lines on the hill, but the mat was extra primo firm with temps at the base only in the low twenties all day.

Here is a misty shot of the Twins, which I took yesterday on first Tram as the clouds were beginning to break.

The Tram was on hold in the AM and I lost track if it got going, as I took the day off due to the prevailing conditions. Tomorrow, look for more of the same as there is another impulse moving in for tomorrow morning, with cold temps, light flurries and variable visibility. The pack will remain firm on all aspects, but there will be some tenderizing efforts performed on the main lines. Dress for cold, and expect stormy conditions. Stay Frosty.



The clouds hung low on the mt. peaks as the day started, but by the time first boat left the dock there was Sun shining through the holes in the clouds. 5 or 6″ of cold, dry, buoyant, dense Essence covered the dance floor and, for the first time in a long time, all major areas of the hill were open and good to go. Most of the hill was really smooth before this installment, so only the wind variations offered static notes and the substrate was fully in effect.

Look at how fat the upper mountain is looking with all the big drops totally filled in with wide paths through the chokes.

It was very cold with a light wind blowing, but the high Sun angle was really bringing the infrared heat, making it feel toasty. As anticipated, there was a hard overnight freeze and the pack was firm, but the fresh till was very nice and offered good traction.

Mikey M. finding the smooth substrate line and dialing in sweet turns on Hoopie’s
Keith Bates performing a slash back in this mornings floaty offerings.
Chris Frost making a hard driving turn, and nailing the fall line with power to spare.

Tomorrow, look for more fun to be on tap with partly cloudy skies, cool morning temps., and retilled groomers, which promise to provide good top to bottom carpets as the pack remained pretty cold overall. Watch those direct Sun facing aspects as they will be tricky for sure. There are still a couple of untouched lines still waiting, so keep a sharp eye out for openings. Watch your SIX!!!



Overnight showers ahead of the front kept the temps from getting too cold, but the pack froze up from the residual cold it was holding, but did not reach the bullet proof stage. There was a quick window of Sun as the clouds backed off and let some Sun shine through for an hour before the Front moved in with high winds, lightning and thunder. The lifts were put on hold and 3 inches of snow fell on the hill. I bagged today, as I knew the visibility and firm conditions would be formidable.

Mikey M leaving trenches in the sorbet conditions after yesterday’s break in the mat.
The Jazz Man working the North facing aspects on The Bookends on his last day of the season.
The Jazz man going to the end of the traverse to get the corn line he had been spying yesterday when the Sun was working the pack.

Tomorrow, look for a very cold night to have firmed up the pack to a super hard consistency. The groomers may offer a bit of softness with the fresh accumulation added to the mat. Still it will be formidable during the early hours of the day. Look for partly cloudy skies in the AM with increasing Sunshine as the day develops. I don’t expect much softening till much later in the day. Mineral Basin will be offering the first break in the pack, so look for those direct facing aspects for the softest breaking lines. See you there for the opening bell. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



It was noticeably warmer this morning, though still cool as the wind was increasing ahead of a front that will be moving in later tonight and into tomorrow. That front will be bring some precipitation to the hill, with more upstream still in the forecast. The Sun was shining and the prepared lines out in Mineral Basin were beginning to soften, with the help of tenderizing efforts on the hill. On the front side of the hill, the pack was extra primo firm on all sides of the hill, and right down to the bottom, with Big Emma super slick and ultra smooth. I was looking for any fuzz I could find to keep the speed real and controllable.

The View South of Timp. and the new park sign proudly standing in the Sun
Team Woodward Park City on the hill putting the finishing touches on the park for today’s festivities. These guys are magicians!!

As the morning warmed up, the lines began to soften a bit and were on their way to full on sorbet status with a little more time. Unfortunately for me, the Canyon was going to close at Noon for the entire day and remain closed till the evening, so I bailed ahead of the closure. Tomorrow, look for much colder temps, storm conditions, marginal accumulation, variable visibility and bullet proof, extra primo firm pack to remain firm all day on all aspects. Use caution and keep the pace real and under control. I will taking the day off. Keep it tight!!



It was cold overnight and the pack froze up solid on all sides of the hill. As anticipated, Mineral Basin was offering the first glimmers of softening first thing, with tenderizing effort having been performed there and the front side of the hill as well. I went out and checked out the new Woodward terrain park and it is impressive to be sure.

Just a small section of this terrain park with huge airs with mad, amazing grooming..

I got to meet the guys who put this together and they are masters for sure.

A view from down lower and you can’t make out the half pipe, which is just to the left.

The front side of the hill took a while to soften up, but by Noon it was getting just right, with Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path offering soft silky lines as the pack broke. Tomorrow, look for a similar timing curve to the day. Softening will occur as you follow the Sun. There is weather moving in, so it might get a bit overcast as the next low moves in closer and I expect some wind. Enjoy this Sun window and Spring feel. Remain Standing!!!



It was a beautiful blue bird day after a cold night. The pack was frozen solid and was going to take quite a while to thaw out. Mineral Basin was going to be the first to soften with the direct rays of the Sun hitting it early. The front side of the hill was going to take most of the day to begin to break.

Toad Hill and The Bookends looking smooth and steep with the chair tower providing scale.

Tomorrow, look for more Sun and another cold night, which will freeze up the pack and will take a while to break. Mineral Basin, like today, will offer the earliest softening aspects as the Sun sees it. The Groomers will be offering the best consistency. We’ll have to see if they open any of the off trail areas which are looking inviting but will be a tad on the funky side it they do open. Keep your eyes open on the board for possible openings. Stay Frosty!!



The Canyon opened today and it was great to be back up on the hill. I got a first look at all the carnage that all the slides left in the Canyon. UDOT did a great job removing the massive amounts of snow that came down up and down the Canyon. Amazing indeed. Up on the hill, traffic was light, the morning was quite cool, with 7 Degrees on the Peak to start out the day. The lines were extra primo firm for the Faithful and sticking with the prepared lines was best, however, yesterday’s prepared lines were a tad better with that light dusting from yesterday’s short blast. There was little to no softening of the pack all day, and deliberate turns were key in keeping the consistency going. It was great to have the Sun out and get a good look at the hill.

A look into Mineral Basin which opened today.
The Twins were looking super smooth in the morning Sun. Waiting for the Road to Provo to open.
A shot of the terrain park they built out on the Lewis and Clark area. Simply Sizzling!!!

Snow flurries moved in later in the day and made the visibility go South. Tomorrow, look for continued cool, though warming temps, to make for a crispy start to the day. Softening will take quite some time to happen if at all. We’ll have to see what will open that is still waiting for the go sign. Traffic should be nominal for a weekend. Keep your head on a swivel. Watch your Six!!!



The front moved in overnight, bringing a light dusting to the hill. With super low visibility and the road remaining closed, the mountain did not open today.

Dino poking his head out of his home to see what the weather was up to.

No word on tomorrow, but with better visibility, the mountain will probably be offering some nice turning. No word on the Canyon as of yet, so keep an eye on the Bird site for updates. Hope to see you soon. IBBY!!! UPDATE: The Canyon is open to unrestricted travel. The wait is over. See you on the hill. D



High clouds moved through off and on today, filtering the Sun but letting enough through to illuminate some of the details. The temps. were still quite warm, even up on the hill, and the pack is being affected on all aspects regardless of the elevation as well. Groomers were offering the best lines of the day and, Middle and Lower Primrose path got the smoothing treatment, which made for some ground pounding fun. It was a private club again today with Canyon remaining closed, so it was a full on vertical fest for the folks on the hill.

Jake sent this unusual shot of Tower 3 on his ascent up the Tram.

Tomorrow, look for weather to have moved in as a cold front is on the door step, which will bring showers to The Valley and snow on the hill. Temps. will be dropping significantly, so, perhaps, the Canyon may be easing up on the slide issues. We’ll have to see how that shakes out. Check the Bird Site and links for more up to date details on the access. Hope to get back up there soon. IBBY!!!



It was very warm today, with temps hitting 80 here at The Trailer, and a stout South wind blowing, which made it feel at tad warmer. Up on the hill, the Canyon was still closed and the folks who were up there got to enjoy more country club days on the hill. Olivia Kennedy sent me a couple of spectacular shots from a flight over the Wasatch she got to take today.

A great shot of The Bird from the air, which shows how much snow covers the dance floor. The pack is still fully intact.
Another angle looking back up at the Bird with White Pine filling the frame. Look how fat Scotty’s Bowl looks.
Miky M sent this shot of the Cat Crew working to build that huge terrain park out in the Lewis and Clark area. A lot of snow getting pushed up there.

Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the smoothest consistency on all available sides of the hill. There will still be private club traffic on the runs. Weather is in the forecast for the next few days with dropping temps and some snow associated with the front. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out. Stay Frosty!!