4-18-23 by dave

Overnight showers ahead of the front kept the temps from getting too cold, but the pack froze up from the residual cold it was holding, but did not reach the bullet proof stage. There was a quick window of Sun as the clouds backed off and let some Sun shine through for an hour before the Front moved in with high winds, lightning and thunder. The lifts were put on hold and 3 inches of snow fell on the hill. I bagged today, as I knew the visibility and firm conditions would be formidable.

Mikey M leaving trenches in the sorbet conditions after yesterday’s break in the mat.
The Jazz Man working the North facing aspects on The Bookends on his last day of the season.
The Jazz man going to the end of the traverse to get the corn line he had been spying yesterday when the Sun was working the pack.

Tomorrow, look for a very cold night to have firmed up the pack to a super hard consistency. The groomers may offer a bit of softness with the fresh accumulation added to the mat. Still it will be formidable during the early hours of the day. Look for partly cloudy skies in the AM with increasing Sunshine as the day develops. I don’t expect much softening till much later in the day. Mineral Basin will be offering the first break in the pack, so look for those direct facing aspects for the softest breaking lines. See you there for the opening bell. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!

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