6-07-19 by dave

After a week of very warm temps. the mountain has experienced the first real melt down that was noticeable as you drove up the Canyon. While there is still plenty of snow to the bottom, all the high points and heavily shrubbed areas have melted off and the dirt in the snow is building up on the surface. Here is a shot from the peak looking West down Canyon. The melt off is evident even in the higher elevations.

The melt off is quite evident after a fully fat snow pack as the Big Return is in full effect.

The Tram was open for this weekend, and getting fast access to the peak was a plus. Grooming efforts are still available on all sides of the hill, but the extent has been cut back quite a bit. With very warm morning temps., the pack was soft all over the hill to start the day. The first hour had a wonderful sorbet quality and smooth lines that made lapping the Tram fun. Mineral Basin was good for the early lines, but got too soft quite quickly and the front of the hill was the place to keep ahead of the sticky factor. Tomorrow, look for another nice day, with slightly cooler temps. as a cold front is moving in as I write this. Perhaps we might get a freeze or, at least, a firming of the pack and it may last longer. See you there for the early morning lines. Stay Frosty!!

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