6-22-19 by dave

It was Winter cold this morning, and my thin Spring gloves just weren’t cutting it for the morning session. The Grooming Crew did a great job finding snow to fill in the thin spots on the cat tracks and the open lines had been given tenderizing passes, so there was some nice granular softness to ply. Off trail was frozen solid and was insanely difficult, which I found out when I went to get a shot of the Sun cups off trail. DOH!!

This distressed snow pack had Sun cups that were full 8 or 9″ deep. Very difficult to traverse, let alone ski.

There was a fair turn out for the opening bell and it is fun to share the stoke with the early morning risers anticipating the day. Here is Alene and Beverly suiting up for the morning session.

A quiet morning in the locker room and getting ready for the day.

The Road to Provo had machine worked lines that had been given the tenderizing treatment and were feeling very consistent top to bottom. Here is a shot of Mark Malu from the Peak in the morning Sun.

Still plenty of cover out in the big bowls. The Grooming Crew did a great job making the lines smooth and sassy.

Lots of folks began to arrive after the first hour, but there was still plenty of room to keep the pace moving. It was so much fun to see the stoke as folks arrived on the peak. Here is a shot of Team Kruck, who were ready to get the party started.

Team Kruck stoked and ready for the morning festivities. Jeff was just a tad under dressed for the Winter Cold temps. It did warm up a bit.

I took some time and warmed up my fingers, which were very cold and stiff after the first hour and I took a few minutes to warm up in The Summit. Here is a shot from my spot at the very center of THE VORTEX looking out the at The Twins. This is the POWER SPOT, try it and see.

This particular spot in The Summit makes my hair stand on end from the Teluric Energy that is pumping up into Space.

Some fast moving flurries moved in around Noon, making the visibility a bit flat. Tomorrow, look for another cool morning, with good Grooming efforts on both sides of the hill. Going to the bottom is a VERY long walk now and taking the Tram down is highly recommended. See you there for the early smooth lines. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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