6-08-19 by dave

That cold front moved through last night and brought cold air with it, freezing the pack hard and crispy. There was a fair bit of tooth to the corduroy, and keeping the line was easy. Off trail was very difficult until much later in the day when some softening did occur. Here is a shot of the Valley as the clouds moved off just in time for the First Tram. It was great to have some visibility.

Cold air clouds were still hanging on the peaks this morning as First Tram hit the Peak.

Regulator got good around 9 AM, when the granular quality made it feel like silky. Softening on the bottom of the mountain gave the pack a much sweeter feel and there were some very sweet turns to be had. Tomorrow, look for another freeze. I anticipate crispy lines on all sides of the the hill, with the groomers offering the most consistent feel. Off trail will be really rough in the AM, just sayin’. Softening will occur, but there will be tenderizing efforts as there were today. Those lines were soft and had a great granular feel, so look for them. IBBY!!

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