6-21-19 by dave

The pack is melting, with the warm temps of the early part of the week, but cooler temps have moved in and slowed things down a bit. My friend Mike was up hiking up high and sent this shot of Fernspiegel, which is a very rare and wonderful skiing experience. The released crystals slide down with you as you descend and it sounds like breaking glass.

A view of perfect Fernspiegel glistening in the morning Sun. Perfect, smooth, and as good as it gets!

It will be a cold night tonight, and there are some clouds coming in from the North. I think we should expect very firm conditions for the first couple of hours. Getting to the bottom will be much more of an issue this weekend. Expect a fair bit of walking. I will be hitting the peak and going back down on the Tram. Still looks like there is plenty of snow up high and I’ll bet it is getting a bit more mature, we’ll see. Here is a shot of the crew last weekend when we were rocking the corn goodness.

The Vibe’s so high for the goods during these late season days.

Dress for a cold morning, and perhaps some moisture, maybe. See you there for the morning explorations. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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