6-14-19 by dave

There was no freeze at all last night and there had been extensive grooming on the open areas of the hill. Mineral Basin was offering butter cream groomed lines that were sumptuous and dialable. There was quite a bit of drag on the skis, but it enabled you to dig in deep and extract maximum juice from each turn. Jones Malone was on a mission and was leaving perfect trenches top to bottom. Off trail was also much more approachable with the soft conditions, and I worked White Diamonds, which was smooth and tasty. Here is a shot of Carol, who enjoyed that line as well and we traded notes on the great quality.

Carol grinning ear to ear after an amazing run on butter cream goodness.

The Road to Provo was holding the cold the best, but was breaking early and was velvety and delightful. The Peruvian side of the hill is now back country access and has minimal grooming and requires a circuitous line to get to the bottom of the hill. The Gad side of the hill is still well covered top to bottom, with the exception of a stretch of the Bass Highway that requires a fair walk around the Wibre Ridge section. I stayed up high for the most part, and it was offering the best quality. While it is fun going to the bottom of the hill, it does have it’s drawbacks. Just sayin’. Tomorrow, look for, perhaps, a better freeze as the sky is clear, but I expect still soft conditions, so you can stay ahead of the Sun. Mineral Basin was great first thing and was slow to get busy. It will be a great day, so get the goods, because it is going fast. Straight Ahead!!

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