6-13-19 by dave

It was a fairly warm week, with cool nights, but the creek was running big. Here is a shot of the LCC pumping hard.

LCC Creek running hard and cold. Haven’t seen it like this in a long time.

With the warm week, the pack has been hit, but I think there is plenty to go on, and we’ll have to see if we can get to the bottom without walking, and I’m betting we will. There were some thunder storms this evening and the clouds are going to keep the temps from falling too much. I expect barely a freeze tonight if at all. I will be looking for grooming lines for the best consistency. I will also be looking for corn lines that may be happening, but, again, we’ll see. Here is a shot of The Chef, who was working his garden and tending the chickens. His garden is awesome and he has the knack.

THE CHEF tending the garden and living large in full effect.

Here is a shot of one of his cabbages from last year.

This is such an amazing plant and THE CHEF has touch.

See you there dark and early for the morning corduroy. IBBY!!

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