6-23-19 by dave

Summer sliding continued today, with cool temps. on the peak and nicely prepared machine worked lines on both sides of the hill. I dressed up for the cold temps, but the Sun was warming things up quickly and the freshly tilled lines were softening up fast. There was a slow arrival of The Faithful, so the early hours where wide open, with the Road to Provo going begging for the first hour. I was able to put down hot laps there for quite a while before anyone showed up. Here is a shot of Olivia Kennedy, who was stoked to be on the Peak, and celebrating 100 days of skiing for the season.

Olivia Kennedy enjoying the sunshine a hitting the 100 day mark for the season.

With the cool temps. the pack maintained consistency for a long time and was still fully fun and fast at 11AM when I took the Tram down for the day. While I was waiting for the Tram down I ran into Burke Weir and The Ski Cop who were adding to the festive feel of the morning.

Nothing like a shot of Margarita to get the party started. These guys always bring the party.

It looks like we will be seeing some warm temps this week, so the pack will be taking a hit, but it looks like there is still enough to work with for next weekend. We’ll have to see. Have a great week and keep the stoke alive. Stay Frosty!!

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