6-29-19 by dave

There was a full showing for the first Tram this morning, and the stoke was high for the day. The pack was very frozen, with no machine work off the Road to Provo and only minimal machine work was performed on Regulator as the pack is getting quite thin, but still with good coverage. There is a slight walk off the peak as the melt off is advancing. I got the first line down Regulator, which had plenty of traction to keep the speed under control. With no grooming out off the Road to Provo, the pack was quite difficult, with sun cups which demanded full attention. Here is a shot of two folks who were experiencing their first Peak Experience at The Bird. Both of them were blown away and the kid from Stow said he was down for next season.

High Stoke factor for these two who were seeing The Bird for the first time. We can all remember our first time. Priceless!1

Tomorrow, look for there to be firm conditions for the opening bell, marginal machine worked lines, but well covered lines to the bottom of the chair. There is a big push for the goods, so expect tightly packed traffic patterns before softening occurs when the crowd will be more dispersed. Here is a shot of a young bull Moose, who was enjoying breakfast in the fish pond. Mom was watching from the deep trees. Got to give this guy a lot of room.

A young bull Moose up close and personal. This is a telephoto shot, so he had plenty of room

Have a great time on the hill, and I’ll see you on the 4th of July for the last day. Speed Safely!!

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