6-09-19 by dave

There was a very hard freeze overnight, making the pack consistently firm wall to wall. There was crystal corn lines that let you shave the granular nap off the corduroy, which had plenty of tooth to maintain a grip on the line. Mineral Basin was softening first, and was wide open for the opening laps before The Faithful showed up for the festivities. Top to bottom access is still happening, with some interesting variations on the lower part of Peruvian Gulch. Here is a shot of two good friends of mine who were fully in the spirit of the day in these fashion forward styles. This is coming back, you’ll see.

If you wait long enough, everything comes back in style.

The pack started breaking in order and there was great turns to be had well after Noon and longer if you stayed up high. Here is a shot of Burke amping up the stoke factor on the peak.

This Bliss Brother knows how to extract the maximum juice out of each day.

The Twins opened for back country touring today, and a very few folks went for the approach, which was extremely sketchy. Here is a shot of my good friend Kevin out at the Waterfall in White Pine. It was his first visit and it is such a magical place.

Ol’ Boy standing by the waterfall line that is remote and very hidden. Known only by a few and skied by fewer still.

Looks like another week of High Pressure, so the melt off will still be accelerating. We’ll have to see how the pack holds up for next weekend. Be safe. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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