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Today was another very rare occasion, with a close out of the Canyon. Both Snowbird and Alta did not open today and the Canyon did not open till after 3 PM due to mitigation efforts. There was oodles of overnight snow, which, added to the constant accumulation of the past number of days, made the conditions an epic occasion.

Mikey M sent me this shot taken from The Cliff Lodge where he was interlodged. Here the Patrol finishing up a control pass.

Tomorrow, look for improved visibility as the weather is clearing out, fresh Essence wall to wall, and the promise of The Wasatch waiting in the wings. The Canyon will be close overnight, so expect delays in the AM. Check the Bird’s site for updates on the situation. It will be an amazing day on many levels. Stay Frosty!!!



The powder just keeps on coming, with another 14″ of fresh Essence overnight to keep the pack fresh and fun. They were holding the free ride comp on the upper mountain, with some amazing talent working the perfect conditions and smooth substrate which is rare for a comp. Visibility was variable, with continuous flurries moving through for most of the day. There were some windows of clearing later in the day, but the lake effect impulses began to move in again later.

South wind working the West Twin the other day ahead of this front that is happening now.

Tomorrow, look for the Canyon to be closed in the AM, more lake effect impulses to have dropped even more Utah light Essence on the dance floor, and great conditions wall to wall. With the continued cold temps the quality will remain excellent, however, that Sun that worked the pack earlier before the front passage had really had an effect on those direct aspects. Still, this time of the season, it is important to keep that in mind. Lay it over like Ligety!!!



Stout winds and a high cloud deck were on tap today ahead of a cold front that will arrive later tonight and into tomorrow, bringing another installment to The Front. Traffic was light with walk on trams happening all day long. The wind was working the pack making it smooth on all lines and filling in all the low spots top to bottom.

The Upper Cirque getting worked by the wind, filling in the pitches nicely.

A few windows of sun opened up now and again, giving some detail to the visibility.

Kevin Canton got some fresh lines today when one of the sections opened up. Bonus!!

Tomorrow, look for a weather day, with a Canyon closure overnight, so expect delays in the AM. The hill is in prime shape for this installment, as the substrate is smooth wall to wall and all the rumble and static has been eliminated during the past couple of days of wind. Temps will be cold, and the wind will be an issue, so dress for weather. It is going to be great for the next couple of days. Keep it tight!!!



The wind was working the pack after yesterday’s powder fest. The snow was being transported from here to there with the direction seeming to be coming from everywhere. The off trail was offering some wind buffed sections, but a crusty layer was evident top to bottom, however, the dry dusty quality made the carving fairly consistent.

Tram Rat sent this shot of his ride on Little Cloud showing the wind smoothing that was being worked on Regulator.
The steepest pitches on The Upper Cirque were offering smooth dry chalky lines top to bottom.

The smooth lines were constantly being refreshed by the wind work, making those absolutely buffed turn after turn. Pure magic.

The American Fork Twins being wind worked today.

Traffic was fairly light and the crowd got spread out quickly, with the pack staying smooth and silky without the high traffic.

The 80’s Ladies. These girls absolutely rip and I have known them since the beginning. So glad to see them on the peak.

Tomorrow, look for more wind smoothed lines, with the Groomers being extra buffed by the wind and the off trail still offering amazingly natural wind buff on all sides of the hill. With weather moving in later in the day tomorrow, I expect some high cloud cover. I’ll be dressing for weather as the wind will still be in the mix. Got to love these days between the dumps for some smooth magic lines. Stay Frosty!!!



Today was a dream day with the Canyon closing after just a few of The Faithful were able to get up before it closed for mitigation. Those early birds got to experience a dream day of deep powder, with walk on Trams and chairs that gave access to most of the hill, and made it feel like a country club. The new snow had really piled up overnight and it was snowing hard here at The Trailer. The quality was super light and really deep on all sides of the hill with little or no wind affecting the pack.

A peep hole through the clouds looking out at the Rasta Chutes.
Olivia Kennedy power blasting the deep lines with no one around.
Olivia getting that private resort feel. Sooo deep.

The hill opened up a bit at a time, with Mineral Basin opening, where the accumulation seemed deeper. Some clearing of the clouds happened later in the day, offering a look at the wide expanse of Essence. This season just keeps delivering and more is upstream during the week ahead. Tomorrow, look for more great conditions wall to wall, with some sections still waiting in the wings. Temps will still be cold, but perhaps we will have some better visibility to work with. IBBY!!!



The Faithful made a big turnout today in anticipation of yet another day of super deep powder. Overnight accumulation was on tap and it was snowing with intent as the day began. Mineral Basin was on hold, but opened later in the morning, where the deep was overhead. The temps were cold and that kept the product refrigerated and protected from the usual Spring effects of the Sun and warming. Some very intense snow squalls moved through mid day, adding to the day’s deep feel.

The dimensional trip to The Other Side where a whole new world awaits.

The pack was holding up nicely, resisting a total morph to harbor chop. Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation and more flurries during the day. Cold temps are still in the forecast, so dress for weather. The Groomers will be offering amazing carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill and hot laps will be fun and fast. There will still be sections of the hill waiting in the wings, so keep an eye on the board for pending openings. It is going to be another great day on the hill. Straight Ahead!!



Today was often sighted as the best day of the Season….again. It was super deep and The Faithful were on deck as soon as they could access the Canyon. With clouds and cold holding up during the morning hours, the quality remained excellent, and even with a few windows of Sun, the quality did not suffer. Great lines were on tap on all available aspects, and kept that soft deep feel without morphing.

Mikey M sent this shot from The 71 where they waited out the interlodge from yesterday.

Tomorrow, expect more snow flurries during the day, and more deep lines to be coming on line as mitigation efforts progress. The machine worked lines will be offering super smooth velvet lines top to bottom. Cold and variable visibility will be in the mix, so I expect the quality to remain excellent for this time of the season. Dress for full Winter conditions. Keep it tight!!



The road was closed in the AM, giving the few who were on deck for the opener got walk on trams for the first hour or so. Overnight accumulation set the stage, and the impulses began to move in wave after wave. Those impulses delivered high accumulation intensities that made it a deeper by the minute type day. At 12:30 PM, they put the mountain on hold and the Canyon closed for mitigation efforts. Interlodge was initiated and continues as I write this.

Kevin sent this shot of a lounge chair with the rapid accumulation.
Diamond Dave jumpin’ for joy in the sweet delivery
The Jazz man going deep and blasting the element!!

Tomorrow, look for amazing conditions on the hill with lots of new product and lines to ply. More snow is in the forecast, so dress for weather. Expect delays in the AM., but it will be a stellar day on the hill. What a season. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



Another powder ripper was on tap today and The Faithful were on deck for the occasion. Continued snow fall was in the mix all day long, making the quality get deeper with each passing hour. Free refills were happening wall to wall. The smooth factor is really nice with so much snow, making the surfaces stay consistent and soft.

Blaine finding the untracked goods on Tailfeathers today.
Professor Tom landing an air into total buffage and keeping the heat going!!

There were a few windows of visibility as the day wore on, and getting the details revealed was a treat.

Junior Bounous getting it all today with deep conditions and perfect lines to explore.

Tomorrow, look for more great conditions to continue on all aspects as the clouds kept the Sun from doing too much damage to the goods. There is more accumulation in the forecast so dress for weather. There are more areas waiting in the wings, so keep your eyes on the board for openings. Stay Frosty!!



It was a free refill kind of day, with fresh Essence to start out the day, and continued accumulation all day long. Visibility was marginal, but staying close to the trees payed off. With all the snow we have had, most of the hill has really smoothed out and the lines are getting really consistent top to bottom.

Tomi McCarthy floating the turns in today’s installment. Fresh lines all day long. Yikes.
Mark Herath getting it all on Baldy

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight, continued unsettled weather, but I think the vis might lift a bit. The hill is amazing on all aspects, and conditions are prime with more in the forecast. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!

Mikey M shredding the new product. Blaze ON!!