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It was a warm week while we waited for the next fun sessions to return. The Creek was running high and you could hear the boulders moving in the current. Still, there is still plenty of snow to enjoy going into this weekend. The Morning Crew has been meeting at Alpha Coffee at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon to catch up and plan for the coming days. Here is a shot of The Chef, Tram Rat, and Neil as we were wrapping up the time.

The Chef made a guest appearance at Alpha Coffee to touch base on the Season and keep us up to date on his garden.

Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the best ride. We’ll have to see if we get a freeze, but the forecast is for cooler temps in the next couple of days. I will be looking for the Tram, which will help expand the access options as we chase the break around the hill. Here is a shot of Neil’s classic, original ’67 Chrysler 300. It is a beautiful car and has been through a lot, including being run over by a Snow Cat in the early 70’s.

Neils’ classic Chrysler 300 looking mint in the morning Sun.

See you there for the early lines and late season fun. Straight Ahead!



The Sun was out from the opening bell this morning, with a chill in the air, that hinted at a light freeze, or perhaps a chill. The prepared lines were breaking from the start, and had good tooth top to bottom on all sides of the hill. Even Regulator was carveable for the early turns. Mineral Basin was offering soft sorbet lines, and I revisited the corn line from Friday, where it was again supportable and velvety. You got to love Perfect when you get it. Here is a shot of the Light at the end of the Tunnel.

This Tunnel brings you to THE OTHER SIDE, another Dimension.

I went in search of some smoothness out off the Road To Provo, but got too far outside the box and had to turn back and dream up a Plan B on the fly. Fortunately, there was a proper path close at hand. I referenced this admonishment as we worked our way along toward the exit.

This admonishment works on so many levels in so many contexts.

Tomorrow, the Big Return continues and days are going to warm up. I will be returning to my inquiries into Quantum Foam Fluid Dynamics. See you next weekend. Remain Standing!!!



It was pouring rain when I woke up this morning, making me think several times if I wanted to give it a try. I rallied, and it was still pouring on the hill when I arrived. Fortunately, by the time first chair went up, the clouds had moved off and there was sunshine greeting the Faithful for the festivities. The rain had left a soft velvet feel to the pack, but the off trail was breakable and had not frozen. The Groomers were the place to find the most consistent lines. I went looking for smooth corn, but I bagged the line and saved the surface as it was just too breakable.

Team Schnegg watched me skirt the good lines to save the corn, and it was great to see them out in the middle of nowhere.

Here is a shot of Team Schnegg, who were out early and were looking at some of the options. I have known Schnegg since day one of my time at The Bird, and we all still have the fire. With no freeze, the pack was going down hill fast, so I worked the lines as fast as I could. Big Emma was extraordinary, with a soft sorbet quality that was untracked and stellar. Here is a shot of the big open area of The Summit with The Twins framed in the atrium window. This was taken today and the Twins are as fat as they get!!

When I stand in the middle of this space, my hair stands up on end as the Teluric Energy is just pumping out of the mountain and straight up to space.

Things got too soft for me around 11 AM, so I went to the Forklift to enjoy the ambience and quiet of this time of the year. Tomorrow, look for warm temps to continue. I don’t expect much of a freeze, if any, so stay with the groomers for supportable consistency. The off trail will continue to be very difficult and breakable. Traffic should be light and no waiting for the lifts.

A different look at that large chunk of mountain that calved away from the ledge. It is huge.

In parting, I offer this alternate view of that large chunk that calved off the ledge. Will it stay there, or will it slide further down the hill as the snow melts? We’ll have to keep and eye on it. Speed Safely!!