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Yes, the technical vastness of the future is like having bees in your head, but, there they are. And the bees be buzzin’ when my computer died suddenly after I posted my last post. It is now at the computer doctor being brought back from the dead. Up on the hill, fresh frosting had been delivered to the hill, with 4 to 5″ covering the dance floor. Since the last days of warm Sun had softened the pack, it is now quite frozen and the off trail is very difficult. I was staying with the known smooth lines in order to avoid any static. I did test the feel off the beaten path and was sent promptly back to the smooth. Visibility was rough, with wind blowing and snow falling with intensity. Tomorrow, look for more snow, as the pattern is bringing in a few days of instability. Be wary of the off trail lines, but also look for some wind filled areas that may hold more depth. This last installment was high density and will help cushion the substrate, but we will have to see how it works out. Traffic should still be light, the Groomers will be providing the best ride. I worked all sides of the hill today, just for recon. purposes and the machine worked lines were the best of the day. I have not been able to upload photos, but they will return when my computer comes back from the shop. See you there dark and early for the morning session. IBBY!!



The sky was cobalt blue today, with not a cloud in the sky and wide open lines on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin was offering amazing machine worked lines that got your motor running top to bottom. On the front of the hill, the Groomers were dry and chalky top to bottom, with the exception of a bit of rubble on just the last 500′. Traffic was very light and it felt like a private resort, when you could fly down Primrose Path and not see another person. The temps were cool but very comfortable. The Twins were opened again today, with a lot of folks taking the opportunity to bag Pipeline. Here is a shot Mikey M sent me of his tips hanging over the edge of the chute. If you ever thought what it would look like from up there, this is it.

Mikey M ready to work his magic on Pipeline.

The hill stayed in great shape all day long, with Regulator breaking well after 1 PM. Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming lines on all sides of the hill. Look for new lines that may have been prepared. Check the Grooming report or keep your eyes open for fun. There is weather in the forecast, so there may be some clouds moving in, but we will have to wait and see how it turns out. Watch those South facing aspects as they will be very crispy and the off trail will be very difficult. Here is a shot of Team Sunshine, who are avid readers of the site and were taking full advantage of the crystal clear visibility.

Traffic should be light again tomorrow, so prepare for a vertical extravaganza. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



There was a high thin cloud deck that moved in and out over the hill all day. The Sun was lightly filtered, but the detail and brilliance was in full effect. It did, however, keep the snow quality from getting too soft too soon. Extensive Grooming efforts had been employed, with White Diamonds-Silver Dipper, and Lone Star featured the big fun drops in Mineral Basin. There was a bit of crispness in the mat, but the residual cold was still present and made for some very nice carving. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew at The Landing this morning welcoming my niece and nephew on their first time at The Bird.

Lewis and Clark had some excellent fresh lines that had not been given the smoothing treatment all season and it was stellar. On the front of the hill, more exciting lines had been prepared that offered that dry cold chalk that has yet to be affected by the warmer temps. Regulator did not break until well after 1PM. Tomorrow, look for more amazing lines of industrial smoothing on all side of the hill. Pay attention to the aspects for the best quality. Those South facing lines will be crispy again and AVOID those South facing off trail aspects as they are really frozen coral early on. Wait till the Sun works it for a couple of hours. I saw some seekers out there working those lines early and they were having a real time of it. We can expect one more day of clarity before the next weather moves in during the later part of the week. Speed Safely!!



It was a spring fling this morning as the Sun has been working the pack and the temps were balmy. As anticipated, the South facing aspects were a quite crispy, though the High North was still holding the cold. Off trail was very difficult on most aspects, but there were lines that were workable as long as they did not see the Sun. On the front of the hill, extensive grooming efforts made those steep drops so much fun and they still had that cold still holding strong. Here is a shot of a couple of the Pizzas that were part of the last Pizza Party of the season. A big shout out to Kazoodi for hosting such amazing events. He puts his heart and soul into his Pizza and they just keep getting better as if that were possible.

A barone’s Special issue pie and Kazoodi’s sausage and pepperoni were the stars of the night.

The day really warmed up and the lower elevation lines were getting a bit damp. Tomorrow, work the Sun as there will be crispy lines in Mineral, with the High North still holding the cold. Stick with the excellent Grooming efforts for the best lines of the day. My sister and her family came to visit and ski The Bird for the first time in all the years I have been here. They were really amazed at the immensity of the hill and got the full effect. So glad they came.

New converts to the Bird Experience.

It will be a great day tomorrow, with wide open groomers that will be good to go. Watch your aspects for the best of the day. There should be very low traffic, and maximum vertical will be on tap. See the line, BE the line!!



It was a cool morning, but warmed up quickly. The Sun was shining brightly in Mineral Basin and the Groomers were full on carpets of AHHHH! The front of the hill had been given the smooth treatment as well and was offering wide open cruisin’ early on. The off trail is really beginning to be affected by the Elements. Interference patterns are building again, but still smooth lines are available with a bit of looking. Here is a shot of Team 80’s, who were rockin’ a look that was both old and new.

Tomorrow, look for another day of spring like conditions. The Groomers will still be holding the Winter cold feel, but some of the due South aspects might be a tad crispy. The High North should still be holding the cold, but watch most other aspects. See you there for the Sun fest. Stay Frosty!!


After a long stretch of storms and visibility issues, the Sun returned today with a blue bird day that was ultra color vivid. Here is a shot of The Road to Provo area still waiting in the wings and not long before the rope dropped.

Twin Peaks wearing a beautiful coating of the Essential Substance.

Mineral Basin was calling for the early runs with all the sunshine lighting the way, but there were some tricky aspects that had seen the Sun and had a Zipper Crust. The Groomers were deep shag perfect and made for full platform engagement. On the front of the hill, the High North was still holding the cold dry fluff, but the underlying substrate was still in play. I was staying with the prepared lines to keep the impact level down.

Air Jordan manning the Gad 2 Patrol Shack where the vista is amazing.

I was looking around the hill, seeing what’s what, and getting a perspective on the cover. Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl looking tasty and ready for prime time.

Boundary Bowl looking perfect in the early afternoon Sun.

Tomorrow, look for extensive Grooming on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin will be offering the morning Sun, but watch the aspects as they were heavily affected by today’s intense rays. The High North aspects will still be holding the cold. All traverses and entrances remain full and fat. I will be taking the day off for R&R, so get those ground pounding steep lines for me. Lay it over like Ligety!!



A heapin’ helpin’ of Essence was delivered overnight to cover the dance floor, and it was deep, cold, fluffy, and blower top to bottom. The underlying substrate was in full effect as there was not much cushion with such light product. I was looking for the known smooth lines to keep the impact down. The rough visibility made it difficult to negotiate the variations and a long consistent turn was key to keep things moving smoothly. Here is a shot of the flocked trees I took as I waited for the Canyon to open this morning.

A fractal field of branches were flocked with fresh overnight lake effect snow. It was otherworldly.

I went far afield again, looking for the least traveled lines to take advantage of the trees, and relatively smooth lines. Mineral Basin opened as well, however, there was a distinct Zipper Crust there, making the drop a touch challenging. I left at 1:30 PM when I got tired of fighting the visibility issues. Here is a shot of Team Powder ready to encounter a Powder Puff Party in the able hands of Deborah and Sarah who were guiding the festivities.

Team Powder, on their way to a Powder Puff Party!!

Tomorrow, look for a sunny day as the energy is moving East and High Pressure is moving in for the next while. Look for the Groomers to offer unreal carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill. The off trail will still be soft, but that substrate is still going to be and issue. Unopened areas are still waiting in the wings, so keep your eye out for openings. The hill is fat and fun wall to wall and all the traverses and entrances are well filled. IBBY!!!



A deep dusting covered the dance floor to start the day, with heavy snow fall and wind working the hill. The light density product did not cushion the underlying substrate, and the off trail variations were abrupt and hard to discern. I was going with the known smooth lines from my eyeball survey that I took yesterday. Traffic was light to start, as the Canyon Road was having issues, but I got up the Canyon early to get a jump on the storm. Here is a shot of the morning Sun shining on Coal Pit, as there were no photo ops to get today.

Early morning Sun shining on Coal Pit just as Daylight Savings time takes effect.

I worked some of the far out lines on the hill as I searched for the smooth . I found deep lines in the guts that went a long way in cushioning the crunch, and the general smoothness of low traffic lines makes a big difference. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight as the lake effect continues with the North West flow. Look for areas to open that are waiting in the wings. More unsettled weather is in the forecast, so dress for weather. I will be looking for the Chair options to get out ahead of any Tram back up in the AM. It is going to be a great day, and there is plenty to get if you missed the dance today. Watch Your SIX!!



There was a short window of Sun this morning, before high clouds moved in after Noon. Mineral Basin was awesome, with some stellar Grooming provided by the Cat Crew. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were buffed smooth and was an epiphanistic line that demanded a few go rounds. Lone Star was also given the treatment, making that lower pitch a steep sensation. Here is a shot of the Cat sleeping soundly in the warm Sun after a hard night of industrial smoothing.

On the front of the hill, those Primrose Path treatments were insanely smooth and dialable. The Morning Crew had to work fast to get all the goods in before breakfast. Here they are out at the top of Lewis and Clark.

Off trail was setting up quickly with the Sun shining on it, and it is now that time of the season when you have to pay attention to the aspect and Sun position. I left when the lights when out around 1:30PM. Tomorrow, look for a full on storm day, with heavy snow in the forecast. Remember your smoothest lines from today, and you can count on the prepared lines to provide the consistent smooth top to bottom. That underlying substrate will be in play, so know going in that it might be a rough ride if you go off trail.

I met the Ferda Boys today on lower Regulator after the lights went out. It was great to meet them and share the stoke. The hill is in fine shape wall to wall, with the entrances and traverses still holding up well. Check the road report for morning access. Don’t touch that Dial!!



A cloud hung over the front side of the hill for the morning session, but the Sun was shining in Mineral Basin, making for much better visibility. Lewis and Clark was offering perfect groomed lines that were deep pile smooth and soft. On the front side of the hill, more extensive machine work had been done, and the top to bottom pace was fast and fun with ground pounding lines that got your juices flowing. I showed Krot & Lego, who were visiting from the East Coast, the smooth, steep lines that they did not know were readily available. They got it all.

KROT & LEGO. These two crazy Russians were scoping out the lines I showed them. They ripped it top to bottom.

As the day wore on, more Sun was shining on the hill, just in time for the Road To Provo to open after days of closure. I took up the tail of the surge and found myself alone with my own line that was classic and rare. Patience pays off. With the warmth, the pack began to stiffen a bit and some static developed. Tomorrow, look for more great grooming lines to be good to go on all sides of the hill. The interference patterns are building fast with all the traffic that the hill has been getting. Look for the tree lines and the more remote sections to still hold the smooth. All entrances and traverses are still well filled. More Sun is in the forecast for tomorrow and perhaps I will be able to break out the Sun glasses for the morning session.

The Great Ladies Of POWDER!!

In closing, here is a shot of the Shredtastic Ladies Of POWDER, who were getting all the goods in all the secret places. I dare you to try and keep up. Speed safely!!