3-18-19 by dave

There was a high thin cloud deck that moved in and out over the hill all day. The Sun was lightly filtered, but the detail and brilliance was in full effect. It did, however, keep the snow quality from getting too soft too soon. Extensive Grooming efforts had been employed, with White Diamonds-Silver Dipper, and Lone Star featured the big fun drops in Mineral Basin. There was a bit of crispness in the mat, but the residual cold was still present and made for some very nice carving. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew at The Landing this morning welcoming my niece and nephew on their first time at The Bird.

Lewis and Clark had some excellent fresh lines that had not been given the smoothing treatment all season and it was stellar. On the front of the hill, more exciting lines had been prepared that offered that dry cold chalk that has yet to be affected by the warmer temps. Regulator did not break until well after 1PM. Tomorrow, look for more amazing lines of industrial smoothing on all side of the hill. Pay attention to the aspects for the best quality. Those South facing lines will be crispy again and AVOID those South facing off trail aspects as they are really frozen coral early on. Wait till the Sun works it for a couple of hours. I saw some seekers out there working those lines early and they were having a real time of it. We can expect one more day of clarity before the next weather moves in during the later part of the week. Speed Safely!!

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