3-17-19 by dave

It was a spring fling this morning as the Sun has been working the pack and the temps were balmy. As anticipated, the South facing aspects were a quite crispy, though the High North was still holding the cold. Off trail was very difficult on most aspects, but there were lines that were workable as long as they did not see the Sun. On the front of the hill, extensive grooming efforts made those steep drops so much fun and they still had that cold still holding strong. Here is a shot of a couple of the Pizzas that were part of the last Pizza Party of the season. A big shout out to Kazoodi for hosting such amazing events. He puts his heart and soul into his Pizza and they just keep getting better as if that were possible.

A barone’s Special issue pie and Kazoodi’s sausage and pepperoni were the stars of the night.

The day really warmed up and the lower elevation lines were getting a bit damp. Tomorrow, work the Sun as there will be crispy lines in Mineral, with the High North still holding the cold. Stick with the excellent Grooming efforts for the best lines of the day. My sister and her family came to visit and ski The Bird for the first time in all the years I have been here. They were really amazed at the immensity of the hill and got the full effect. So glad they came.

New converts to the Bird Experience.

It will be a great day tomorrow, with wide open groomers that will be good to go. Watch your aspects for the best of the day. There should be very low traffic, and maximum vertical will be on tap. See the line, BE the line!!

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