3-12-19 by dave

There was a short window of Sun this morning, before high clouds moved in after Noon. Mineral Basin was awesome, with some stellar Grooming provided by the Cat Crew. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were buffed smooth and was an epiphanistic line that demanded a few go rounds. Lone Star was also given the treatment, making that lower pitch a steep sensation. Here is a shot of the Cat sleeping soundly in the warm Sun after a hard night of industrial smoothing.

On the front of the hill, those Primrose Path treatments were insanely smooth and dialable. The Morning Crew had to work fast to get all the goods in before breakfast. Here they are out at the top of Lewis and Clark.

Off trail was setting up quickly with the Sun shining on it, and it is now that time of the season when you have to pay attention to the aspect and Sun position. I left when the lights when out around 1:30PM. Tomorrow, look for a full on storm day, with heavy snow in the forecast. Remember your smoothest lines from today, and you can count on the prepared lines to provide the consistent smooth top to bottom. That underlying substrate will be in play, so know going in that it might be a rough ride if you go off trail.

I met the Ferda Boys today on lower Regulator after the lights went out. It was great to meet them and share the stoke. The hill is in fine shape wall to wall, with the entrances and traverses still holding up well. Check the road report for morning access. Don’t touch that Dial!!

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