3-21-19 by dave

Yes, the technical vastness of the future is like having bees in your head, but, there they are. And the bees be buzzin’ when my computer died suddenly after I posted my last post. It is now at the computer doctor being brought back from the dead. Up on the hill, fresh frosting had been delivered to the hill, with 4 to 5″ covering the dance floor. Since the last days of warm Sun had softened the pack, it is now quite frozen and the off trail is very difficult. I was staying with the known smooth lines in order to avoid any static. I did test the feel off the beaten path and was sent promptly back to the smooth. Visibility was rough, with wind blowing and snow falling with intensity. Tomorrow, look for more snow, as the pattern is bringing in a few days of instability. Be wary of the off trail lines, but also look for some wind filled areas that may hold more depth. This last installment was high density and will help cushion the substrate, but we will have to see how it works out. Traffic should still be light, the Groomers will be providing the best ride. I worked all sides of the hill today, just for recon. purposes and the machine worked lines were the best of the day. I have not been able to upload photos, but they will return when my computer comes back from the shop. See you there dark and early for the morning session. IBBY!!

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