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The season snow fall has topped 500″ and more is in the forecast. The Faithful were in full attendance this morning for some fresh accumulation from last night’s impulse. Yesterday’s offering had absorbed some warmth from that late appearance by the Sun and the old harbor chop was in play underneath the fresh installment. Visibility was marginal and I was working the tree lines to keep the reference points going and take advantage of the pockets of extra depth built up there. Here is a shot of the deeply flocked tree line that I was working.

Magical moments in the deep trees keeps the center dialed when the visibility goes South.

I was sticking with the known smooth lines and there had been some exceptional Grooming efforts that were covered with the new product. Those early lines were soft, steep, consistent, and ripping. I met Team Dangerous Chaos on the Tram today, and they were having a great time exploring The Bird for the second day. It was fun sharing some insights into approaching the day.

Team Dangerous Chaos dialing in another lap and looking for more excitement.

Tomorrow, look for more continued flurries, variable visibility, wide spread grooming efforts, and prime time coverage. I will be looking for the smoothest lines for that big mountain feel. Check the Grooming report for new and exciting prepared lines that will be deep shag smooth. See you there for another amazing day of ground pounding fun. Keep it tight!!



The Faithful were treated to another serving of Essence that has pushed the season total just shy of the 500″ mark. Conditions on the hill were deep and explosive, with plenty of cushion to make the substrate just a footnote. Here is a shot of Mikey M blasting a face full of goodness.

Mikey M getting the goods and taking notes on the density.

The visibility was marginal as the day began, but there were some clearing times and later in the day it seemed as if it had cleared off. I was watching the vibrations coming in on Social Media telling tales of good times, great runs and shear exuberance. Here is a shot of Brian Beck full on in the blast zone.

Tomorrow, look for another impulse to have moved in overnight as the next Low Pressure pumps more goodness to frost the cake. The hill is in great shape, with all aspects and entrances fat, full, and ready for prime time. Check the road restrictions in the AM. for updates as things are fluid.

With so many folks coming to take advantage of the epic conditions, we get to see some very fashion forward fabrics to remain dry when the snow gets a tad soggy. I wish I had more time to check out this North Face gear before the Tram loaded. Straight Ahead!!



I got an early start and got up the Canyon just before it got dicey. It was dumping wholesale and I slipped in under the wire. There was a large turnout of The Faithful, as the signals had been sent, and the big Freestyle event was going on as well. There was plenty of overnight accumulation covering the hill that was light and deep, but the underlying substrate was still reflecting through, so working the smooth lines helped the ride quite a bit. Extensive Grooming efforts made for plenty of smooth, steep lines that were just perfect underfoot. I went out far afield today to stay out ahead of the crowd and found excellent cover and previously wind worked smooth. Here is a shot of Kat Dean getting the goods in one of those fast moving Sun windows yesterday. She got all of it.

Katalina Dean dialing perfect turns in a perfect field of Goodness!!

I bailed a bit early to avoid a 2 PM Canyon closure, but the free refills were hard to leave. Tomorrow, look for more deep conditions, and continued flurries. Dress for weather, and use the Chair options to stay ahead of the back ups. The hill is fat wall to wall and you can count on any line you choose to offer amazing quality. You just can’t go wrong.

Sadi getting the best last day of his season.

This is Sadi, who has been living the Snowbird dream all season and was getting in his last day before returning to Japan. He will be back and I know he will be dreaming of the deep all Summer.
I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow, so get the deep turns for me. Stay Frosty!!



An overnight delight was delivered to the hill, with wind buffed and frosting coated lines that were as good as it gets. The wind had smoothed and filled lines that rarely ever get the Cosmic treatment, and that made those lines all that more delightful. Here is a shot of Liftline on Gad 2 that was perfect top to bottom, with not a sign of interference patterns. I got a fresh line top to bottom with no one around.

On my second lap here, I was able to get The Bananas Trees, which were all filled in and a magic carpet ride top to bottom. I met Team Abro, who were visiting from the Southern Hemisphere, and they were representing in fine style, and loving the fresh frosting.

Working the Chairs was key to get around some of the back up, there was little to no waiting. Visibility was variable as clouds and flurries moved in and out all day long. Here is a shot looking down Canyon when a glimpse of the Sun popped out, making it look heavenly.

Tomorrow, look for another storm day with some overnight accumulation and accumulation expected all day long. The hill is fat and full, and with the wind work that had visited the hill, all of the heavy interference patterns have been mitigated and will not be in play. Look for the big smooth lines that will be offered all over the hill. The Groomers will be offering the “Take it to the bank” smooth for those very low visibility moments. Stick with the trees for reference and enjoy the storm riding. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



A couple inches of fresh frosting covered the dance floor this morning, which made the turns feel like frosting a cake with a paper knife. The overnight wind transported some of the product to the low guts and tree lines, where there were boot top deep sections that were sweet and tasty. More great Grooming lines were prepared, and some really exciting obscure lines had also been included. Those lines were steep, long, and silky feeling with that new coating. Visibility was difficult as the snow started coming in shortly after opening and kept building up as the day progressed. I went looking very far afield and found untracked lines that I had been thinking about for some time.

I met Team Richman on the Tram today and enjoyed giving them some of the key points to look for during today’s storm riding. They were in for a real treat. Tomorrow, look for more storm riding as the flow continues to bring impulse after impulse. Stay with the trees for reference and look for extra accumulation along the tree lines. The Groomers will be offering trustworthy smoothness in the variable visibility. Be sure to check the Grooming list for new and exciting additions to the mix. The Grooming Crew has been doing an amazing job of keeping the choices fun and smooth. Dial it up, Dial it In!!



There was an initial push for the Tram this morning, but the crowd was quickly dispersed and walk on Trams were the rule for most of the day. Extensive Grooming had been done once again, providing some extremely exciting out side the box lines that made you pay attention to the new approach a smooth line will give you. The off trail was still offering soft lines, but there was a bit of the old static reflecting through, making it a tad tricky here and there. Here is a shot from the peak that frames the peaks down range in a new light.

Light got flat later in the day as the echos of the approaching storm began to move in. The prepared lines held up all day long and the ground pounding pace required a smooth approach to keep the stamina on point. Tomorrow, expect a day of storm riding, as the front is predicted to hit in the morning and we’ll have to see where it goes. Stay with the trees for definition, and work the prepared lines for guaranteed smoothness during those times when you are just guessing. The hill is in prime shape and all the lines are wide open and good to go. Expect interference patterns in the high traffic areas, but the static and rumble should be filling in with accumulation. See you there for the weather charge. IBBY!!



The Faithful were treated to some of the most Masterful Grooming of the season, with another Lonestar buffed from the very top and Dean’s Gully buffed out for the first time in many years. Those super steep and dynamic drops were transcendent and kept the Morning Crew busy working the corduroy before the crowd found it. There was also some more Angel Light in the Basin and here is a shot of The Portal wide open and scintillating in the morning Sun.

On the front of the hill, more amazing lines had been prepared and were vacant while everyone was working the Basin. Lower Lower had been worked, with that section demanding your full attention to keep it tight on the uber steep section. Here is a shot of a large turn out of the Morning Crew assembling after The Baldy Chair opened.

Magical moments and lines were wall to wall and the Morning Crew took full advantage of the SMOOTH.

Traffic got spread out and the uphill access was fast, letting you max out the vertical. Tomorrow, look for another great day with more awesome Grooming lines. Look for new and exciting lines to be prepared again, with Mineral Basin offering the first Sun. Warmer temps are in the forecast, and conditions will be good to go wall to wall. The off trail still feels good, but there is a bit of low amplitude rumble, so stay loose. Here is a shot of the deep pines flocked with light fluffy goodness.

See you there for the morning Sun and fun. Speed Safely!!



There was a few inches of lacy, light, Essence covering The Trailer this morning, and up on the hill, a sleeper dose of the goodness was delivered. There was a fair push for the Tram, but the Quads were pumping The Faithful up the hill in fine order, so I took advantage of that and worked the Lewis and Clark lines all morning. Visibility was variable, but with the trees close by, it was smooth running. The Groomers and the previous wind smoothed lines provided the best ride in the vagaries of visibility, and made dialing in the line an inner focus exercise. There were some very deep lines where the wind piled up the goods in pockets that were fully knee deep on certain aspects.

TERRORPIN rockin’ The Forklift this morning, and getting a dose of the warm hospitality.

Team Terrorpin stopped by the team table to say Hi during the morning recon meeting. He has been reading the site very day for the full 10 years of it’s span. It was a treat to meet him and share his stoke for the day.
Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with awesome Groomed lines that have just been off the hook. Look for the steepest, longest ones you can find and you will be floored. Soft snow will still be wide spread and I think there may be some light wind work to keep an eye out for. The high traffic lines have been building interference patterns, and the low amplitude rumble is wide spread, but the new cushion will soften the ride. See you for the start of the new week. Don’t Touch That DIAL!!



The Front is in the cross hairs of an unsettled flow that is bring continuing impulses day after day. Fresh Essence covered the dance floor again this morning, making those unracked Groomers amazing top to bottom. With medium density quality, the product provided a bit more cushion to the ride, but that underlying substrate is still in effect. There were plenty of wind smoothed lines that were the place to find the best ride, and the extensive Grooming efforts have provided exciting lines on all sides of the hill. Here is a shot of Neil making the climb to Baldy during yesterday’s Sun window.

That Sun window yesterday also made for some great turns before the push hit the hill. Here is a long shot of The Summit at Hidden Peak looking like it is a long way off.

A cathedral at 11,000′ is a great place to find balance.

To highlight what the hill is feeling like when the Sun is on it is exemplified by Brian Beck’s hard charging line on the Eddie Mo Traverse. It is smooth, predictable, and good to go top to bottom.

Tomorrow, look for another unsettled day, with clouds, flurries, cool temps and fresh Essence covering the dance floor for the early risers. All the Groomed lines will be smooth and predictable for those visibility issues. Staying close to the trees will help with the definition and reference points. Dress for storm riding. Keep it tight!!



There was a morning window of Sun to kick off the day, and a large variety of huge Grooming efforts on all sides of the hill to draw your attention. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were buffed by machine and polished with some overnight wind and fresh accumulation. Lone Star was prepared right from the top of the ridge for the first time in several years, as there was plenty of base to play. The Morning Crew was busy hitting the drops as fast as the lifts would get us back up for yet another lap. Here is a shot of The East Twin from Ski Patrol Gully.

On the front of the hill, The Big Smooth had, once again, been given the top to bottom industrial smoothing. With walk on chairs, lapping that rare line was a real treat that topped off a great week. Weather began to move in during the afternoon session, reducing visibility and adding a bit of dust just to make it magical. Here is Rico, who was stoked for the Big Smooth, which was holding up and offering some real ground pounding fun.

Rico giving the thumbs up on about The Big Smooth. He was killin’ it top to bottom!

Tomorrow, look for a storm day as another low pressure moves in. The hill is in great shape wall to wall, and any additional accumulation will be frosting on the cake. Work those smooth wind lines that had been set up today, and look for those big Machine Worked sections for fully dialable lines when the visibility goes South. There will be some pressure on the hill, so be sure to work the chair options, as it has been walk on fast and really gets you up the hill for another stomper. Watch your SIX!!