3-10-19 by dave

The season snow fall has topped 500″ and more is in the forecast. The Faithful were in full attendance this morning for some fresh accumulation from last night’s impulse. Yesterday’s offering had absorbed some warmth from that late appearance by the Sun and the old harbor chop was in play underneath the fresh installment. Visibility was marginal and I was working the tree lines to keep the reference points going and take advantage of the pockets of extra depth built up there. Here is a shot of the deeply flocked tree line that I was working.

Magical moments in the deep trees keeps the center dialed when the visibility goes South.

I was sticking with the known smooth lines and there had been some exceptional Grooming efforts that were covered with the new product. Those early lines were soft, steep, consistent, and ripping. I met Team Dangerous Chaos on the Tram today, and they were having a great time exploring The Bird for the second day. It was fun sharing some insights into approaching the day.

Team Dangerous Chaos dialing in another lap and looking for more excitement.

Tomorrow, look for more continued flurries, variable visibility, wide spread grooming efforts, and prime time coverage. I will be looking for the smoothest lines for that big mountain feel. Check the Grooming report for new and exciting prepared lines that will be deep shag smooth. See you there for another amazing day of ground pounding fun. Keep it tight!!

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