3-02-19 by dave

The Front is in the cross hairs of an unsettled flow that is bring continuing impulses day after day. Fresh Essence covered the dance floor again this morning, making those unracked Groomers amazing top to bottom. With medium density quality, the product provided a bit more cushion to the ride, but that underlying substrate is still in effect. There were plenty of wind smoothed lines that were the place to find the best ride, and the extensive Grooming efforts have provided exciting lines on all sides of the hill. Here is a shot of Neil making the climb to Baldy during yesterday’s Sun window.

That Sun window yesterday also made for some great turns before the push hit the hill. Here is a long shot of The Summit at Hidden Peak looking like it is a long way off.

A cathedral at 11,000′ is a great place to find balance.

To highlight what the hill is feeling like when the Sun is on it is exemplified by Brian Beck’s hard charging line on the Eddie Mo Traverse. It is smooth, predictable, and good to go top to bottom.

Tomorrow, look for another unsettled day, with clouds, flurries, cool temps and fresh Essence covering the dance floor for the early risers. All the Groomed lines will be smooth and predictable for those visibility issues. Staying close to the trees will help with the definition and reference points. Dress for storm riding. Keep it tight!!

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