3-04-19 by dave

The Faithful were treated to some of the most Masterful Grooming of the season, with another Lonestar buffed from the very top and Dean’s Gully buffed out for the first time in many years. Those super steep and dynamic drops were transcendent and kept the Morning Crew busy working the corduroy before the crowd found it. There was also some more Angel Light in the Basin and here is a shot of The Portal wide open and scintillating in the morning Sun.

On the front of the hill, more amazing lines had been prepared and were vacant while everyone was working the Basin. Lower Lower had been worked, with that section demanding your full attention to keep it tight on the uber steep section. Here is a shot of a large turn out of the Morning Crew assembling after The Baldy Chair opened.

Magical moments and lines were wall to wall and the Morning Crew took full advantage of the SMOOTH.

Traffic got spread out and the uphill access was fast, letting you max out the vertical. Tomorrow, look for another great day with more awesome Grooming lines. Look for new and exciting lines to be prepared again, with Mineral Basin offering the first Sun. Warmer temps are in the forecast, and conditions will be good to go wall to wall. The off trail still feels good, but there is a bit of low amplitude rumble, so stay loose. Here is a shot of the deep pines flocked with light fluffy goodness.

See you there for the morning Sun and fun. Speed Safely!!

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