3-03-19 by dave

There was a few inches of lacy, light, Essence covering The Trailer this morning, and up on the hill, a sleeper dose of the goodness was delivered. There was a fair push for the Tram, but the Quads were pumping The Faithful up the hill in fine order, so I took advantage of that and worked the Lewis and Clark lines all morning. Visibility was variable, but with the trees close by, it was smooth running. The Groomers and the previous wind smoothed lines provided the best ride in the vagaries of visibility, and made dialing in the line an inner focus exercise. There were some very deep lines where the wind piled up the goods in pockets that were fully knee deep on certain aspects.

TERRORPIN rockin’ The Forklift this morning, and getting a dose of the warm hospitality.

Team Terrorpin stopped by the team table to say Hi during the morning recon meeting. He has been reading the site very day for the full 10 years of it’s span. It was a treat to meet him and share his stoke for the day.
Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with awesome Groomed lines that have just been off the hook. Look for the steepest, longest ones you can find and you will be floored. Soft snow will still be wide spread and I think there may be some light wind work to keep an eye out for. The high traffic lines have been building interference patterns, and the low amplitude rumble is wide spread, but the new cushion will soften the ride. See you for the start of the new week. Don’t Touch That DIAL!!

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