3-01-19 by dave

There was a morning window of Sun to kick off the day, and a large variety of huge Grooming efforts on all sides of the hill to draw your attention. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were buffed by machine and polished with some overnight wind and fresh accumulation. Lone Star was prepared right from the top of the ridge for the first time in several years, as there was plenty of base to play. The Morning Crew was busy hitting the drops as fast as the lifts would get us back up for yet another lap. Here is a shot of The East Twin from Ski Patrol Gully.

On the front of the hill, The Big Smooth had, once again, been given the top to bottom industrial smoothing. With walk on chairs, lapping that rare line was a real treat that topped off a great week. Weather began to move in during the afternoon session, reducing visibility and adding a bit of dust just to make it magical. Here is Rico, who was stoked for the Big Smooth, which was holding up and offering some real ground pounding fun.

Rico giving the thumbs up on about The Big Smooth. He was killin’ it top to bottom!

Tomorrow, look for a storm day as another low pressure moves in. The hill is in great shape wall to wall, and any additional accumulation will be frosting on the cake. Work those smooth wind lines that had been set up today, and look for those big Machine Worked sections for fully dialable lines when the visibility goes South. There will be some pressure on the hill, so be sure to work the chair options, as it has been walk on fast and really gets you up the hill for another stomper. Watch your SIX!!

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