3-11-19 by dave

A cloud hung over the front side of the hill for the morning session, but the Sun was shining in Mineral Basin, making for much better visibility. Lewis and Clark was offering perfect groomed lines that were deep pile smooth and soft. On the front side of the hill, more extensive machine work had been done, and the top to bottom pace was fast and fun with ground pounding lines that got your juices flowing. I showed Krot & Lego, who were visiting from the East Coast, the smooth, steep lines that they did not know were readily available. They got it all.

KROT & LEGO. These two crazy Russians were scoping out the lines I showed them. They ripped it top to bottom.

As the day wore on, more Sun was shining on the hill, just in time for the Road To Provo to open after days of closure. I took up the tail of the surge and found myself alone with my own line that was classic and rare. Patience pays off. With the warmth, the pack began to stiffen a bit and some static developed. Tomorrow, look for more great grooming lines to be good to go on all sides of the hill. The interference patterns are building fast with all the traffic that the hill has been getting. Look for the tree lines and the more remote sections to still hold the smooth. All entrances and traverses are still well filled. More Sun is in the forecast for tomorrow and perhaps I will be able to break out the Sun glasses for the morning session.

The Great Ladies Of POWDER!!

In closing, here is a shot of the Shredtastic Ladies Of POWDER, who were getting all the goods in all the secret places. I dare you to try and keep up. Speed safely!!

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