3-16-19 by dave

After a long stretch of storms and visibility issues, the Sun returned today with a blue bird day that was ultra color vivid. Here is a shot of The Road to Provo area still waiting in the wings and not long before the rope dropped.

Twin Peaks wearing a beautiful coating of the Essential Substance.

Mineral Basin was calling for the early runs with all the sunshine lighting the way, but there were some tricky aspects that had seen the Sun and had a Zipper Crust. The Groomers were deep shag perfect and made for full platform engagement. On the front of the hill, the High North was still holding the cold dry fluff, but the underlying substrate was still in play. I was staying with the prepared lines to keep the impact level down.

Air Jordan manning the Gad 2 Patrol Shack where the vista is amazing.

I was looking around the hill, seeing what’s what, and getting a perspective on the cover. Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl looking tasty and ready for prime time.

Boundary Bowl looking perfect in the early afternoon Sun.

Tomorrow, look for extensive Grooming on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin will be offering the morning Sun, but watch the aspects as they were heavily affected by today’s intense rays. The High North aspects will still be holding the cold. All traverses and entrances remain full and fat. I will be taking the day off for R&R, so get those ground pounding steep lines for me. Lay it over like Ligety!!

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