3-14-19 by dave

A heapin’ helpin’ of Essence was delivered overnight to cover the dance floor, and it was deep, cold, fluffy, and blower top to bottom. The underlying substrate was in full effect as there was not much cushion with such light product. I was looking for the known smooth lines to keep the impact down. The rough visibility made it difficult to negotiate the variations and a long consistent turn was key to keep things moving smoothly. Here is a shot of the flocked trees I took as I waited for the Canyon to open this morning.

A fractal field of branches were flocked with fresh overnight lake effect snow. It was otherworldly.

I went far afield again, looking for the least traveled lines to take advantage of the trees, and relatively smooth lines. Mineral Basin opened as well, however, there was a distinct Zipper Crust there, making the drop a touch challenging. I left at 1:30 PM when I got tired of fighting the visibility issues. Here is a shot of Team Powder ready to encounter a Powder Puff Party in the able hands of Deborah and Sarah who were guiding the festivities.

Team Powder, on their way to a Powder Puff Party!!

Tomorrow, look for a sunny day as the energy is moving East and High Pressure is moving in for the next while. Look for the Groomers to offer unreal carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill. The off trail will still be soft, but that substrate is still going to be and issue. Unopened areas are still waiting in the wings, so keep your eye out for openings. The hill is fat and fun wall to wall and all the traverses and entrances are well filled. IBBY!!!

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