3-16-19 by dave

It was a cool morning, but warmed up quickly. The Sun was shining brightly in Mineral Basin and the Groomers were full on carpets of AHHHH! The front of the hill had been given the smooth treatment as well and was offering wide open cruisin’ early on. The off trail is really beginning to be affected by the Elements. Interference patterns are building again, but still smooth lines are available with a bit of looking. Here is a shot of Team 80’s, who were rockin’ a look that was both old and new.

Tomorrow, look for another day of spring like conditions. The Groomers will still be holding the Winter cold feel, but some of the due South aspects might be a tad crispy. The High North should still be holding the cold, but watch most other aspects. See you there for the Sun fest. Stay Frosty!!

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