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Visibility was variable this morning, but there was just enough definition to give Mineral Basin a try. White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper was the call for the opening, which offered smooth grooming that made trust in the turn a no brainer. Lone Star was also prepared, with that top to bottom smooth that really gets your attention at the bottom of the run. On the front of the hill, The Big Smooth had been prepared for only the second time of the season, with a much wider treatment on the upper section that let you drop that full vertical line without let up. Lower Primrose wrapped up the bottom section of The Smooth with that natural half pipe, making you feel unstoppable. Here is a shot of The Mogul Meisters, who were mounting up for a full scale assault on the smooth top to bottom lines that were waiting for Go Time!!

As the day progressed, visibility became more challenging, and snow began to fall in earnest. Tomorrow, look for some more accumulation overnight as there is more energy moving into The Front. Look for the smooth Machine worked lines to give you the trustworthy feel you need in the marginal visibility. Stay with the trees for the best definition. There is still quite a bit of crunch in the substrate from the past few days, so look for those filled smooth aspects that will reduce the static. IBBY!!



The Trailer was rockin’ all night long, as the wind pounded out ahead of a front that will begin a string of incoming weather for the rest of the week. The Tram was down for the morning session, but the chairs were offering walk on quick lifts up the hill. Though the wind was kicking the peak, the chairs were not that bad. The wind was transporting what loose snow there was lying around, and those wind blown lines from yesterday were offering smooth sliding. Off those wind blown lines the rumble was insistent, with the higher traffic lines presenting some abrupt interference patterns. Visibility was variable, with the surface details very difficult to discern. Here is a shot of Team Maglione of Miller Place, who were mounting up for their third day on the hill. They were stoked to be getting out on the hill and had a solid lay of the land memorized going into the variable visibility.

Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, as it was dumping when I left and there were a couple of inches of freshness at the Star Cruiser. With these warmer temps. a bit more cushion can be expected, as there may be a bit higher density product that will help mitigate any static that was working today. Those larger interference patterns will take a bit to cover up, but if the projections hold up, they will be history soon. Stay Frosty!!



Visibility was variable, with good long distance detail, but the surface details on the slope were very difficult to discern. Mineral Basin was offering some very nice Groomers that let you work the blank page with confidence as the carpets were smooth and trustworthy. On the front of the hill, Anderson’s hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering ground pounding fun with the trees reflecting a bit more light on the situation. The Sun came out in the afternoon, which eliminated the visibility issues, and offered great detail to the surface features. Here is a shot of Baldy Bowl looking imposing in the afternoon Sun.

Temps. Were significantly warmer today, but that stout breeze made the chill factor a bit brisk. Off trail was a bit variable, with the substrate offering a bit of crunch in places. Other lines had been smoothed by the wind and were offering some long threads of wind slab here and there. It payed to look around a bit for the threads. Here is Race Team “J”, who are regular readers of the site and have spent the past month working the lines on the hill. It is great to see the folks who dial in the stoke and keep it pegged!!

Tomorrow, look for continued unsettled weather, with some flurries, visibility issues, low traffic, and fresh Groomers to keep you dialed into your inner Ligety!! Check the grooming report for any new and exciting lines, and look and see if Lone Star got the nod. That line has been really rockin’ when they put the buff to it. A big tip of the hat to the Grooming Crew for making such sumptuous carpets. Dress for variability and look for more of the wind slab to be worth a try. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!



Extra fluff covered the dance floor this morning, with 4 to 5″ of Essence making for untracked lines all over the hill. Mineral Basin was offering some sunshine, that made all the details vivid. There was a bit of wind overnight, so extra deep sections were filled with a bit extra. There is now wide spread interference patterns on most of the hill, as traffic has been working the pack, but with a bit of looking, you will find some smooth lines that let you get through the variations. Here is a shot of one of the approaches to the goods.

Traffic seemed to wain as the day drew on, and it was walk on Trams for the afternoon session. The temps. were decidedly warmer, but it did not seem to affect the snow quality at all. All the groomers on the hill maintained the smooth feel all day and were feeling good when I left. Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl looking inviting.

Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with a touch of overnight flurries to add a bit of dust on the mat. The Groomers will be offering the solid smooth feel even when the visibility is dodgy. Dress for some light weather, but I think temps. will be mild by comparison to last week’s cold. See you there for the morning search for the smooth lines. Don’t touch that dial!!



The morning was cool and clear, with the clouds moving off and wide open lines available for smooth driving top to bottom. Mineral Basin was offering the goods right out of the chute, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper smooth and a real treat to start out the shred fest. Temps. were still cool, but decidedly warmer than last week, which felt really good since I dressed a bit lighter. Here is a shot of a cornice formation that has some nice dynamics. I put it through a filter to get a more dramatic effect.

The off trail is still fairly soft, but the underlying substrate is in play and it helps to find the wind smoothed lines to improve the ride. Pressure for The Tram was stout, but The Chairs were very fast access and got you around the hill fast and direct. Here is a shot of the new bridge to The Cliff Lodge. This was the first time I have ever used it and it is a really nice addition.

There was great live music on The Plaza for the afternoon session, which made for a very festive atmosphere. Tomorrow, look for a light storm day, with flurries and wind. Check for wind smoothed lines, which will be worth the effort to get. The Groomers will be good to go on all sides of the hill, and will provide solid consistency in variable visibility. The hill is fat wall to wall and all the great shots are filled and very dialable. See you there for the low traffic, Monday morning shred fest. Straight Ahead!!



The prevailing Low Pressure trough brought more cold to the hill today before we begin to warm up for the week. There was morning Sun for the early risers, with wide open Groomers offering ground pounding fun on all sides of the hill. Here is a shot of Brian Beck getting a jump start on his descent of The Chamonix Chutes. This spot needs a lot of snow to make it good to go, so Brian made the most of the opportunity.

A high cloud deck moved in later in the day, making the light go flat, but there seemed to be enough rays filtering through to keep the details sharp. Here is a shot of the Angel Light that was happening in Mineral Basin last week. It is such a rare sight, I spent some time and got some shots that give it some context.

Tomorrow, look for another great day of ground pounding fun on all sides of the hill. There are flurries in the forecast, so dress for cold as the wind is sure to be up. Look for some transported snow lines that may offer some early treasures. The Groomers will be fun on all sides of the hill. Use the Chair option to bypass the Tram back up, as they pump The Faithful up the hill and offers a quick up on the day.

In closing, here is a shot of Team Los Amigos Jr. who were stoked to be getting here for the festivities. They make the trip every year and were stoked to find so much snow for the occasion. See you there for the morning shred fest!! See the Line, BE the Line!!



Morning Sun was on tap as the Morning Crew hit Mineral Basin to take advantage of the smooth untracked machine worked lines that waited there and on all sides of the hill. 3 to 4″ of perfect Essence covered the dance floor, which made all aspects soft and inviting. I worked the far reaches on a Lewis and Clark exploration and found amazing lines top to bottom. Here is a shot from that sojourn.

Cold temps. kept the new product nicely refrigerated, and the filled in lines stayed good to go all day. New and exciting Machine Worked lines were offered up, with the center piece being the Big Smooth. Peruvian Gulch top to bottom with a perfectly prepared carpet, custom made for exploring your inner Ligety!! Here is a shot of Timp. looking mystical in the distance. That is one large Mountain!!

Tomorrow, look for another beautiful cool day, with amazing Groomers on all sides of the hill. The off trail is still offering widespread excellence, with many lines filled in by the light wind that had been blowing. Look for those pockets of wind filled goodness. I will be taking the day off, so get all those rockin’ turns for me. Stay Frosty!!



It was mighty nippy on the hill today, as a cold cloud, brisk wind, and low ambient temps. made frost nip something to take seriously. There were plenty of white noses coming in off the skier’s bridge, mine included. Visibility was variable, with fairly long range reference points keeping you in the zone, but the details of the surface features were just guess work. Fortunately, the Grooming Crew provide smooth carpets that you can take to the bank when you just don’t know what’s what and you have to trust The Force. The snow pack was soft and forgiving for the most part, with the off trail lines still offering a large selection of wide open fun. The high traffic lines are developing interference patterns, so look for the less traveled aspects to provide the smooth.

Tomorrow, look for another cold day, with wind, flurries, and a bit of overnight accumulation. All Groomed lines will be offering smooth, dry, chalky carpets, on all sides of the hill. Visibility will be an issue, so stick with the trees for the best reference features. Off trail will still be offering good soft lines, with only those high West facing aspects getting stripped off. Look for some wind transported lines to be available as well. We’ll just have to see how much wind we get overnight. Dress for storm riding, and keep exposed skin covered.

When it is as stormy as it was today, I love to check into The Summit and bask in the High Energy Field that exists there and watch the storm rage outside. Here, I have posted some of the interesting interior features of the facility. Keep it tight!!



The hill was covered with a couple of inches of Essence which left the dance floor perfect for Ballroom Dancing. Un tracked perfection made the Groomed runs over the top dream like, and the cold morning temps. kept the snow fresh and cold. The Morning Crew worked the Lewis and Clark area, getting all the flow and warp of such transcendent lines. This may all sound a bit over the top, but it was all that. Here is a shot of the Shoulder looking pristine in the highly charged air.

All sides of the hill were offering great groomed lines, with that Primrose Path section finishing up that top to bottom in a full on carve fest. The off trail was offering still soft lines that helped cushion some of the crusty sections, but there were plenty of lines that had that soft substrate still keeping the quality very predictable. Here is shot of the Portal hanging out in Mineral Basin again. I was checking the settings on the TIME readout before stepping through.

Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day, with flurries, variable visibility, and cold temps. The Groomers will be offering smooth surfaces that you can trust in the variable light. There could be some light accumulation overnight, so there may be some fresh dust to make the ride just that much better. The hill is in great shape and looking fat. See you there for the high energy dance. IBBY!!



A Nevada Low has been holding strong over the Front, bringing continued flurries and accumulations that have been sweet, soft, and wide open. Traffic was much lighter this morning, and the Groomers were covered with ultra light Essence that seemed to get deeper as you got lower on the hill. It was hero turns once again, as the pack let you dial in any turn you desired with total forgiveness for any sloppiness in attention. All the areas of the hill opened up, and there were soft deep lines just about wherever you went. Even late in the day, deep pockets were available with a little looking. Here is an interesting shot out in the Exotic Trees.

Cold temps. kept the snow nicely refrigerated, and it resisted developing the Harbor Chop consistency. Tomorrow, look for some possible overnight accumulation, as impulses continue to flow out of the Northwest. Groomers will have been prepared on all sides of the hill and are offering excellent ground pounding fun top to bottom. Off trail will still be great, but interference patterns are building in the high traffic areas. All entrances are still holding up, but traffic has worked them a bit and they will need more wind to smooth out again. See you there for another great day of Sleeper Powder turns. See the Line, BE the Line!!