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There had been a fresh accumulation delivered to the hill overnight, leaving many of the higher elevation aspects offering boot top deep goodness. The underlying substrate was variable depending on aspect, but for the most part the hill is smooth over most shots. Amazing Grooming efforts had been worked on all sides of the Mountain, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering ground pounding carpets of AHHHH that demanded some deep carving articulation. Lewis and Clark was offering the leftovers from yesterday’s opening and was still smooth and soft. Here is an early morning shot of Pipeline, looking mysterious in the misty atmosphere.

Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose path had been given an extra dollop of Love, making those lines dial-O-matic good with each turn. All those shwagg turns I was doing early in the season, paid off, as I could trust the 100% traction and I was able to dial in dead accurate arcs with Zero slip. Traffic was a bit stout on the Tram, but the Chairs were offering direct loading with no waiting at all. The Mineral Basin Chair did back up, but the front side action kept you moving. The Exotic Trees opened as well, with a huge push for the goods. I chose to deny the option and concentrate on the smooth drops on the front. Here is a shot of Angel Light in Mineral Basin. This Portal let you stare into the intense brilliance with no problem. It was scintillating and incredible.

Tomorrow, you can expect continued cold temps., which keep the product nicely refrigerated, exquisite Grooming efforts, and some overnight accumulation as the flurries continue. The hill is in great shape, and all your favorite lines are good to go with little or no issues. Traffic will probably be a bit milder, so we can look forward to a fun, full on, vertical frenzy. Speed Safely!!



It was quite cold this morning, and though the Sun was out early, clouds moved in as the First Tram hit the dock, making the visibility variable. Out in Mineral Basin, extensive Grooming efforts had been prepared, and it was nice to have a smooth surface to deal with the lack of detail. On the front of the hill, Peruvian Gulch was offering some sweet, smooth, groomed lines that let you dial in the steep, long, length of Primrose Path. I had to do that a couple of times just to make sure I got the full effect. With the brisk traffic on the Tram, the Chairs was the place to be to by pass the back up and get right on and going. Here is a shot of Brian Beck, which Mikey M sent last week, blasting an off the lip reentry. This is the moment just before he exited the Immersion Zone, and you can just make out the tips. If you scroll down a couple of posts ago, you will see him exiting the cloud.

Clouds and flurries kept coming in from the East all day, delivering a tasty dusting of Essence. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with the cold holding on, more flurries moving through, and amazing Groomers to explore your inner Ligety. The off trail is still soft and blastable, however, with all the traffic, the interference patterns are beginning to build up a bit. A long drawn out turn will help smooth out the ride with the fresh snow cushioning the variations. See you there for the top to bottom goodness. IBBY!!



The Faithful were treated to a buffed sensation this morning, as the wind worked the hill and more Essence covered the dance floor. The Cosmic Buffer had resurfaced the substrate and the resulting shine was sweet and effervescent. Here is a shot of Mikey M out on Lone Pine getting the full explosive bang out of a full immersion charge!

This shot is no exaggeration and fully represents the ultra high quality that was found today, along with the blue sky. However, there were consistent clouds moving through with some flurries. Mineral Basin opened as well, which offered up amazing lines top to bottom. Here is a shot of my friend Doc, who was dialing in some turns that just get to the Heart of the MATTER.

Remember, that tree behind him is vertical, so you can add a whole other level of steep to this picture. The Faithful were in full attendance today as the Holiday weekend kicked off, but the Chair option was a good bet with the high uphill capacity. Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation as the impulses keep coming back around as the Low moves to the South. Conditions will be amazing wall to wall, and all the entrances are full with the Traverses good to go as well.

In closing, here is a meditative shot of the stroll up to the West Baldy. When you are on the path and the wind is howling, it just puts you in the NOW moment. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



My mind was totally blown today as the approaching weather produced a wind that transported the high density goodness toward the Peruvian side of the hill, making it a free refills day wall to wall. Here is a shot of a perfectly wind buffed view of Glens offering mind blowing perfection.

Once again, I was able to lap The High North aspects time after time, and got the goods that were frothy, surfy and metaphorically TUBULAR!! The locker room hubbub was unanimous in deeming this day one of life’s greatest days. Mineral Basin opened as well, offering perfect lines, but I opted to keep working the front of the hill to take advantage of such a rarity. Here is a shot of two members of Team SIZZLE, who I have known since day one, and the next generation of the Team is right there with them.

Traffic was fairly light, and the chairs offered step on service, which let you get around the Tram back ups. Tomorrow, you can expect more accumulation as a serious front just moved into the Front. Here is a shot of The Wall Of Voodoo swallowing the Valley with blue sky out ahead of it. This one means business.

The temps. will be significantly colder in the AM., so dress for storm riding, as residual flurries will be hanging in. I will be taking the day off, so get the goods for me. The hill is perfectly smooth wall to wall thanks to the wind, so it will be EPIC!! Don’t Touch That DIAL!!!



The South wind was blowing with strong intent this morning, with over cast skies, medium snow flurries, and some exquisite Essence that was just amazing. 12″ of freshness had fallen overnight, but the wind redistributed the product, stripping some aspects and loading others. Attention to the wind direction paid big dividends. The turning was perfectly sweet like sugar kisses with dense, buoyant, frothy quality that made you feel like super man. The overall pack was very smooth and whatever interference patterns that were extant were no issue at all. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the effervescent goodness out on The Keyhole when baldy opened.

The Peruvian Gulch opened with Mineral Basin a bit later. The wind was nuking so hard in Mineral Basin that I worked the front side looking for wind transported lines that were getting filled in as fast as you could lap the sections. Traffic was medium, and there was no waiting on the chairs and only minimal waiting on the Tram. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight as the Front will be moving in and it looks juicy. The hill is prime wall to wall, and everything I skied today was so smooth that all aspects will be good to go top to bottom. Be sure to check the road report for restrictions, as there was big activity on the road early this morning. Dress for storm riding and expect greatness. Stay Frosty!!



The wind was nuking top to bottom this morning as the next cycle begins it’s approach to The Front. The lifts were pending as the mountain crew got a handle on the magnitude of the wind velocity. The lowest lifts opened for the morning session, with Zoom and Gad 2 opening later in the Morning. The Morning Crew assembled at The Forklift Chair to assess the options. Here is a shot of Colleen, who is the creator of culinary delights. She is showing off her personal Team Mug as we shared the news of the morning.

The Team decided to weather the storm and rode the Wilbre Chair to check out the wind swept groomers and the off trail consistency. With those higher chairs opening, The Faithful, who were hard after the new snow, got some epic conditions in the deep trees, with the prepared lines covered with perfect wind driven dust. Tomorrow, look for the storm to be in full effect, so be sure to check the road report for restrictions and dress for heavy weather. Heavy accumulation is predicted over the next few days, so we are back into another full on LCC extravaganza. It is going to get deep!! IBBY!!



It was a perfect day of smooth slidin’ on the amazing Groomers that had been prepared on all sides of the hill. The Road to Provo opened as well, offering a large range of consistencies. Mineral Basin was the place to start, with the Sun shining brightly, wide open carpets of AHHH, and very little traffic. The Morning Crew made a strong showing after being locked out of the Basin for quite a while. Here is a shot of the Landing gathering that was one of the biggest of the season.

The front of the hill was offering the ground pounding perfection of Anderson’s Hill followed by a rousing descent of Lower Primrose Path, both of which were offering exquisite corduroy that let you own your inner Ligety!! You could do no wrong and it made you feel like a super hero. Joining today’s festivities was Scott and Alyse, who flew in from Australia just to take part in the Powder festival. They were rockin’ the morning laps like they were right at home.

The pack remained perfect all day long, with the light traffic and cool temps. that kept the lines nicely refrigerated. Tomorrow, look for another amazing day of Groomer shredding, as the hill will be offering the Super Industrial Smoothing efforts that have been so epiphanistic. You can find a whole new vision when you hit the Still Point. There is weather coming in later in the day and we are about to get the goods once again.

In closing, here is shot of Mary Ellen Gulch looking pristine with not a track to be seen. Perfection. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



It was a picture perfect morning, with cold temps, no wind, ultra blue sky, and over a foot of exquisite Essence covering the dance floor. The Faithful were in attendance, but not in the numbers of the last couple of days. I was able to get first tracks in the Upper Cirque, which was as good as it ever gets. Smooth, steep, wide open, and vacant top to bottom. Here is a Mikey M shot of Brian Beck leaving Cosmic Trails Of Glory as he kicked in the afterburners going for the full immersion effect. That is the full definition of Blower!!

All of the big shots were in prime time condition and throwing down in tight quarters was very predictable. Here is a shot that Jake sent of looking down Center Of Gravity.

Mineral Basin opened to mixed reviews, as the wind had worked some aspects back there, making them affected and tricky. Other aspects were softer and more consistent. I stuck with the front side to take advantage of the low traffic as The Faithful were working Mineral. The cold temps. kept the pack from turning to Harbor Chop, and you could blast through anything with impunity. Tomorrow, look for another cool morning with warming in the afternoon. The Groomers will be insanely good, and the off trail will be offering still soft lines that will blow up as you dial it in. Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun for the morning session, but the entire hill is good to go wall to wall and you really can’t go wrong. The Road To Provo is still waiting in the wings, so keep your eyes open. Keep it tight!!



The wind was rockin’ The Trailer this morning as the cold front began to send signals out ahead of it’s arrival. Up on the hill, the wind was wild with heavy gusts, which put the Tram on hold. The Faithful were in full attendance and ready to get to up on the hill to get into the short overnight accumulation. The Gad side of the hill was opened first, with the Cirque Traverse opening later. There was a full range of consistencies, that made aspect choice a key element. Here is a shot I took the other day of the snow shapes that were created by the wind and Sun.

With the delayed opening, I worked the Forklift Chair to assess the options and headed for The Trailer to get out ahead of the Front that was incoming. That Front did move in around 5PM., with heavy snow and some serious wind as it passed. Tomorrow, look for a morning road closure, so check the reports for access. There will be a fresh installment of Essence on the hill, and we will have to see how the wind affected the various aspects. The hill is fat wall to wall and you will find great lines if you watch your wind directions. We’ll see you there for the festivities when I get up. I will be in no hurry and will be watching the road cams for updates. Speed Safely!!



The day was overcast and the wind was whippin’ as a light storm was trying to bring some more of the Essential Substance. The groomers were offering unreal carpets of AHHHH, which let you dial in you inner Ligety. Mineral Basin opened as well, which was a treat for those who were on hand for the event. Here is a shot of the Bingham Mine that I took yesterday when there was a break in the clouds.

Tomorrow, look for more awesome groomers to be on tap on all sides of the hill. There is weather in the forecast, which is slated to begin later in the day, bringing substantial accumulation, and will extend into Monday. The hill is fully fat wall to wall, so all your favorite shots will be good to go and easy to access. There still are some areas that were stripped by the wind here and there, but they are rare and not really any issue, just expect some variations in the goods. I will be back on the hill to get a first hand look and be part of the Powder Party. Watch your SIX!!